Sail through the road with Chevrolet Sail

As a daily commuter, I also dream of having my own four-wheeler to mobilize me at my most convenient time. You see, traveling to and from work via public transportation can be a little overwhelming. One has to rise from bed earlier than required so that you could ‘meet’ the bus that will take you several kilometers away from home.

This is not to mention the time allowance for traffic jams, the implemented 15-minute intervals between vehicles from the terminal, and the loading and unloading of passengers at almost every effin electric post along the highway. Aargh! It makes me wanna stomp my feet and tap the armrest a little bit louder.

As fate would have it, Jo tagged us along on a test drive one sunny afternoon upon Chevrolet Cam Sur’s invite. We said hello to this red hot, spanking Sail:

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 I’m no motor vehicle expert but I did enjoy the most of the drive from Pili to a certain portion of Ocampo, Camarines Sur. I love driving around as a therapy. You know, your eyes setting sight on new visions, terrain, signages, and other things you will experience on the road while headed to your destination.

I took a good look at the Sail

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Hello, engine!

and here’s what I noticed –

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The seats are really  well-cushioned and comfy. No bumpy rides for you.

My most loved part?

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Sun rooooooof!

Which converts to a moon roof at night. Amazing, huh? For a sedan to have a view of the sky above is plus points for me. 🙂

Another thing I love is the trunk.

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It’s so spacious it could fit two people 🙂

Over all, even under the strong heat of the sun with three of us at the rear seats, the ride was smooth. We were back at our destination safe and sound.

Want to take Sail for a spin? Call (054) 477-1577 and book an appointment for a test drive. (Uhm yes, which reminds me, I badly need to claim my plastic card driver’s license from the LTO.)

Great news! Chevrolet will formally open its doors to the Bicol Region (and beyond) today, August 11, 2017! Do visit them at the National Highway just a few meters away from the San Jose Bridge in Pili, Camarines Sur.

What are you waiting for? Sail, ride, and drive away with your dream car from Chevrolet Cam Sur. 🙂


Travel Toes: March

Where else? NCR.

I arrived at 5:00 am and left at 8:00 pm. I was at Eastwood at 10:00 am.

hanapin nyo ko.. ;p

While I attended an event at the Eastwood Mall’s second floor, my gracious and very pretty host for the day was cooped at  the Eastwood Walk’s Starbucks busy preparing her report. 🙂

We met again for lunch:

After the short chit chat, I went back to Eastwood Mall for my afternoon stint. We saw each other again later that afternoon and took a cab to Cubao.

Upon arriving at Cubao, we checked out the Revlon counter at SM City.

Swatch of lippies

Lippy after lippy, we tried until we got the perfect one we were looking for. We got hungery with all the lip-testing. Hahaha.

As promised, dinner was at Pepper Lunch Express Gateway Mall. 🙂

Pasalubong this time was not Krispy Kreme
jumping into the current hype

By 8:00 pm, I was inside the bus: home-bound.
So yeah, 12 hours after arriving in Manila, I was home bound again. Twenty-four hours after my arrival in Manila, I was in Bicol again. That’s what I call biyaheng balikan.

Thank you for my March Travel. Thank you for my safe trip to and from Manila. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Travel Toes: February

One fine day, Pong brought me for a drive


to a place where the sea is a haven for board surfers and the wind is the friend of kite surfers

You do know that I love the beach: the wind against my face, the relaxing tapping of the waves from a distance, wisps of my hair against my cheek, the salty taste of the air…

…and the sand beneath my toes.

I watched as the waves tumbled about in a disorderly fashion, getting almost caught by the sudden surge of the sea to the part of the seashore where I stood.

It was the middle of the week when I did my take two of Bagasbas Beach, Daet, Camarines Norte. It was a very welcome two-hour (times two) drive to take a break from the hustle and bustle of our busy office-home-office life.

For one whole day, I breathed fresh new air and took a length of Daang Maharlika less taken by me. The winding road overjoyed me. The sight of trees against the mist and blue birds flying overhead made my senses be alert for some more. I thirst for things like these. All the sight-seeing did refresh my body and soul.

My tummy was treated to the burger by the beach Tita D has been raving about. And oh, the melted cheese did make my palate crave for more.

A snapshot of me as I waited for the burger by the beach

I’ll surely be back to that beach and eat that burger again. In the meantime, I am very grateful. Very, very grateful. I am truly, truly blessed. 🙂

I’m one happy, lucky girl! ❤

So, March is in. Where will my travel toes take me?

A ticket to anywhere wouldn’t be so bad. 🙂

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Drive, Deed, Down, Drive


I took a two-hour drive today.

Not that I was the one steering the wheel. I was seated at the passenger seat of the person behind the steering wheel.

The day was actually gloomy and I was skeptical at first if our scheduled travel would push through given the grey clouds hovering above and the splash of rain against the thirsty earth.

The drive did push through. Two hours later we were in the City of Ligao, Province of Albay.

Our task was to ask around how a transfer of Land Title may be made from one owner to another. We went over to the City Hall and inquired from the hospitable staff of the Assessor’s Office and the Treasurer’s Office.

For your perusal, here are the requirements for the transfer of  a Certificate of Title for Agricultural Lands:

1. Deed of Absolute Sale

2. BIR CAR/ Tax Clearance Certificate

3. Clearance from DAR

4. Owner’s Duplicate Copy of Title

5. Realty Tax Clearance

6. Transfer Tax Receipt/ Clearance

Note that the above requirements pertain to Titled Agricultural Lands in the Philippines. For the requirements pertaining to the other types/ classifications of land, please check the Land Registration Authority website. Mind you, there are a lot of computations and payments to be made.

Since our only job was to ‘ask around,’ we took off soon after we ‘asked around.’  *snicker*

As the day was gloomy and rainy, me and my companions took a drive to a nearby eatery which served bulalo as their specialty.

photo source

Bulalo can mean any of three things: 1) the marrow in the bone of the beef shank; 2) the cut of the beef, i.e., bone-in beef shank; or 3) the soup itself which consists of the bone-in beef shank and vegetables.

I was in soup heaven and was not able to touch completely forgot about the lunch I packed for myself this morning. My one-cup-rice-lunch had to take a backseat. The soup was a welcome treat that warmed my skin and bones. Slurp.

The drive home was much faster, I think.

The rain continued to splatter against our closed windows. The wiper went left and right clearing the droplets from our windshield. But despite the rain, I did enjoy the drive. I was able to travel again and see seas of green along the provincial highway.

Then, I heard the song again. Sheesh.

Life really just throw lemons at you. Incessantly. In a day, you may be up, up, UP but suddenly you’re down, down, DOWN. Sigh.

I wish to take another drive. In my own car, perhaps. To freshen up my senses. To see something new. To experience novel things. One day soon, I will.

Take me with you.

I remain.