One easy Sunday at Green Earth Cafe

For majority of dieters, weekends are spent as cheat days. As for me, it was totally different: I actually ate healthy.

After hearing mass at the Immaculate Conception Church, I crossed the street and hailed a Concepcion-Del Rosario bound jeepney. I alighted at Villa Sorabella Subdivision and walked the stretch of Soriano Avenue until I reached the 3rd Street.

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The vined trellis gates will give a cool welcome as you walk through the green canopy.


The rustic design gives off that homey feel. 

I walked through the door to the enclosed area of the Cafe and was greeted by a staff. I instantly ordered a plateful of spaghetti with basil and glassful of calamansi (Philippine lemon) juice. Since I knew it would take a while before my order will be completed, I asked the staff if I could take pictures around. She permitted me and off I wandered around the area.


For most meet ups that I go to Green Earth Cafe, the sun has set and night has fallen. This particular visit was a sunny Sunday morning (which ended at a rather rainy afternoon). So Ippy was a great cam for this particular ‘shoot.

Outside, there’s an area to accommodate medium to large groups.

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The other side is a quiet table for two.

Notable is a garden of herbs ripe for picking and selling.

And on this side, I wanted to sit and just feel all nature-y.

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Inside, the seats are conspicuously placed as table for twos but can be pooled together to seat up to eight people.¬†I love the glass windows that allows you to feel that you are still part of what’s outside.

There’s no WiFi because they encourage customers to talk to each other and savor the food. I was by my lonesome and it was good thing that my GTatt functioned superbly. There’s a nearby Globe tower, I think. And the food, yes.

Right here. Two of my favorites. Red pasta and calamansi! As I wanted to linger longer (because it felt all homey, yeah), I also ordered pizza.

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Yup, indeed. It was a filling, healthy and easy Sunday. ūüôā

Green Earth Cafe is located at 3rd Street corner Soriano Avenue, Villa Sorabella, Naga City. The Cafe is open from Sundays to Thursdays from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm.