Beach Bliss at Calaguas and Bagasbas, Camarines Norte

Day Two

No matter how late I stay up at night or no matter how disturbed my slumber is, I’ve always been an early riser. I love mornings. I was wide awake just before sunrise. And due to our cottage’s location, I witnessed how the sun rose through the horizon just before the clouds enveloped it.



While our tour guides were still fast asleep, the five of us ladies were already up and about in anticipation of the early morning trek. We were ready, anxious even, and wanted to join the other groups who were already going uphill. Good thing, our island guide served piping hot coffee to ease the anxiety. Noting that no other guests were interested in climbing up the hill, our island guide led the way. Thank goodness!

The anxiety instantly disappeared and panic slowly crept in when we got to the steep part of the hill. It was about 10 minutes into the trek when my hamstrings began to get numb (sedentary lifestyle pa more!) and my heart was beating like crazy. I had to watch my breathing because oftentimes, I hold my breath for so long I sometimes forget to exhale. So my mind was racing telling me to inhale and exhale repeatedly.

Gratefully, our guide didn’t leave us behind and was considerate in watching our pace. Dahan-dahan lang, Ma’am at madulas, he would often say. I even asked myself, Kakayanin ko ba ang Pulag? (Will I be able to conquer Mt. Pulag?) I hope to climb the sea of clouds and tick it off my list. Heck, I will have to do a double time with my steps.

After the muni-muni while climbing to the top, there was a clearing at last. When I looked behind me, the sight even further took my breath away. Pure wow! We walked some more and was even more in awe of what we saw. Through the talahib blades, we managed to take good look of the middle part of the island, too.


Mahabang Buhangin almost at the palm of my hand

We took an ascent again and were given a good view of the barangay at the other side of the island. The guide said that Taiwan was nearby. Heads up! Visa-free for Filipinos na ang Taiwan come June, I think.


We relaxed a little bit while up the hill. I fully embraced the dose of sunshine over us and the green vision before me.


We took our descent a few minutes before breakfast was served. It was perfect since we were already starving. The cook made my favorite chao fan rice (steamed rice with cuts of carrots and greens), dried fish, and cheesy omelette which was the cult classic. Saraaaap! I had to use my hand so that bwelo in eating. (Again, no pics because hungry!)

More swimming! 

After breakfast, K and I went swimming again. It was our last taste of summer for the year so we really made sure to make sulit the alloted swim time.


We took note of the time and went back for a shower. We left the shore and around 10:30 am and crossed the Pacific to Vinzon’s port. Ironically, our trip to the island was smooth. The way back was more, yeah, the Calaguas waves I knew from last year. We were met with medium waves which made us all wet when we reached the port. What’s more, rain was pouring heavily when we docked at the port. Gaaaah! I changed into the dry clothes I have left. It was a good thing that I put a lot of extra clothes into my bag which were inside Ziploc bags. Otherwise, I will go home dripping wet. Hahaha. Tip: Always, always waterproof your belongings.

Sidetrip to Bagasbas Beach

We had lunch at the Poblacion of Daet, Camarines Norte. Thereafter, we went for a brief side trip to Bagasbas Beach, a known surfing haven.


While I have yet to learn how to surf, I actually went to the sea side for food: burger and frappe, it is!


This has been Earl’s sign for as far as I can remember.

handpaintedsky©Yay for what my frappe has to say.

Finally, we were homebound. For two hours, we traversed the zigzag road leading back home to Naga passing through the towns of Sipocot, Libmanan, Pamplona, San Fernando, and Milaor.

Beach Bliss

Haven’t been to Calaguas? Don’t let yourself get left behind all the buzz and fuss. It was my second time but the high is as glorious as ever. Book a tour and experience the island for yourself! There are several operators offering services but I would recommend Beach Bliss Travel and Tours for an awesome experience.

I was amazed at how the Beach Bliss boys were precise with their time as stated in the itinerary. They moved like clockwork. Not one delay in the activities set for the day. Truly, we didn’t waste any of your precious time while at Mahabang Buhangin. So too, the food was superb. The menu were beach staples of pork, fish, and veggies but with added zing. It was as if you were eating from your own kitchen and not on an island. Servings were very generous, too. The icing on top of the cake? The cold drinking water they provide their guests. Aaaah. Very refreshing for a beach trip.

Read about our Day One here. ūüôā

I remain.


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