Labor day weekend at Donsol, Sorsogon

Bicolandia: 4/6

Although a Bicolana, I have not yet been to all six provinces of the region. I am from Camarines Sur, been on roadtrips to Camarines Norte, and studied in Albay. I have not yet set foot in Masbate and Catanduanes. And yes, I have only been to Sorsogon twice: first, when I hitched a ride with a friend who was to install a communication server at a government office in the City of Sorsogon; and, second, when Dorin and I went during EDSA 2017 weekend.

After spending that Wanderful Weekend last February, I was able to muster courage to travel from the comforts of my hometown to Sorsogon. You see, “to interact¬†with whale sharks” has long been sitting in my bucket list. So with another long weekend in the horizon (Labor Day weekend 2017) and with better resolve to be in the Province of Sorsogon, ¬†I drafted an itinerary to meet and greet the gentle dotted giants found in Donsol town, one of its municipalities.

Since the dates were fixed (April 29 to May 1, 2017), the next thing I thought about was where to stay.¬†With my research skills on full mode, I began scouring the world wide web with the most valuable and practical travel tricks and accommodation tips I could find. I also asked from friends who have been to Donsol. Jumping from reviews in TripAdvisor, Agoda, Travelbook, and Trivago, as well as travelers’ blog posts, opting for Amor Farm Beach Resort ¬†was based on solid ground. (A review of the resort is fitting… later).

Donsol, almost

With the recommendations for activities and what to do’s, this is what I came up with:

I also wanted to see manta rays after reading that the nearby Ticao Island is dubbed as a Manta Bowl which is a known haven for these swimming creatures. I scrapped it off the IT because I didn’t know how to swim. How much more to dive? Especially now that I have to take care of my heart (my cardiologist semi-warned me), diving is really not an option.

From your part of world to Donsol vice-versa

If you are from anywhere in the world, you may take a flight from your country of origin to the Philippines and be in Manila. If you are from any part of the Philippines, you can fly to Manila, as well.

Once in Manila, you can either take an hour’s (max) flight from Pasay City to Legazpi City or choose a 12-hour (max) bus ride from Cubao, Quezon City to Legazpi City. There are buses bound directly to Sorsogon, too.

From Legazpi City , score a seat from any of the UV Express Service vans plying the Legazpi City-Donsol route. Doze through the 1-hour ride.

Once in Donsol town proper, hail a tricycle that will take you on a 15-minute ride to Barangay Dancalan where the Donsol Tourist Center and various resorts are.

And you’re all set!

A good look at my Labor Day Weekend 2017

Date, check. Accommodation, check. Transportation guide, check. Hmmmm. So, how did this year’s Labor (long) weekend go? We cut it short by a day but still had a grand time. Watch out for my full blog posts.


River Cruise and Firefly Watching Tour


Whaleshark Interaction Tour

Where to next?

To have the courage go to places which you consider as personal uncharted territories is good for the soul. It refreshes, replenishes, revives. Good things, good times. Who knows where I am to travel next? ūüėČ

I remain.


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