Chicken All You Can at Max’s

Max’s Restaurant recently revived their Chicken Al You Can promo. We were more than delighted with the news. So one Friday night, my crew and I trooped to Max’s SM Naga City branch to join in the chicken-all-you-can fun. And join the bandwagon we did!

My Master Plan was to purposely starved myself that day so that I could take in as much chicken as I can. To compensate, I drank liter upon liter of water and made several bathroom breaks. Teehee. Upon arriving in Naga, the rest of the gang were already seated and were excited to take on the challenge.


Ready and set for the chicken fun!

We were more than delighted to be there because the crew were really very generous in offering another piece once they see that you’re almost done with one. It was cool with us. After all, there‚Äôs no harm in taking in as much Max‚Äôs chicken as you can because they‚Äôre roasted, not fried. So, dig in!

Processed with MOLDIV

Before: Quartered chicken delight!

While we were at it, we were actually keeping score cards of how much each one has eaten. Believe you me, the thinnest in our gang was the runaway winner. I came in fourth because my tummy told me to stop na. After all the fuss, this is all that’s left —

Processed with MOLDIV

After: truly sarap to the bones!

And that makes me what? One happy…

Processed with MOLDIV


How about you? Did you also embark on this Chicken All You Can fun? Let me here about it.

Thank you, Max’s Restaurant for this delicious Chicken All You Can run!

I remain.


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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