Bulusan Lake 

From Rizal Beach, our target was to reach the Bulusan Lake next.

We crossed the road and took notice of these sea shell chandeliers being sold. Dorin was bent on buying stuff but a jeepney bound for Bulusan was already on its way. She had to forego of her plan to buy a little something and boarded the jeep without looking back. For about an hour’s ride from Gubat to Bulusan, the fare was PhP 24.00.

Once we reached the poblacion of Bulusan town, we were quick to board a tricycle which would take us a few feet above sea level to the Bulusan Volcano National Park (BVNP). On the way up, again, the roads were windy.


Spot the chicken crossing the winding street.


Not a bumpy ride for these kids.


Almost there

We reached the entrance to the BVNP in about 10 minutes and got down for some pics.


The entrance is ready for tourists.


Right this way

After which, we entered the marked area for the BVNP. I was having goosebumps once inside. Not only was the temperature getting cold. But the road was narrow and could fit two vehicles with a teeny-tiny clearance in between. To the right side of the road was a ravine already. So yeah, prayers! Thankfully, we reached the gated entrance to the BVNP unscathed. Upon entering, we paid the entrance fee of PhP 20.00 per person.


These clouds and the view of the lake said, “Hi!”


I put on my windbreaker as I felt the cold wind sweeping through my skin. “Hello, lake!” I said back.

Apart from the lake, I have read about treks to the Mt. Bulusan crater itself. There was actually a jeepney-full of foreigners booked for it. For our part, what we had was a trek an 8-kilometer trek to get to the lake itself plus a brief experience of the Canopy Walk via a hanging bridge. The Crater trek and Canopy walk entailed a separate fees each (which I failed to get, sorry). Our cute trek was PhP 150.00 which was already good for 10 persons. Not bad, huh?
We briefly said bye-bye to our tricycle driver and promised to get back the soonest. Off we went with our guide, Kuya Nilo. Since the temperature inside the park was cool, I did not perspire much even though I was too excited for the walk coupled with a fear that my knees would give up on me just like it did when I climbed Mt. Isarog a few years back. Thankfully, the trail was cemented and difficulty level was 1/10. After all, this was a cutesy one compared to the Crater trek.


Goin’ down

We went further down to be with the lake. According to Kuya Nilo, the deepest part of the lake was 78 feet. The Bulusan Lake is only a part of the wide area of Mt. Bulusan. You really wouldn’t believe that only 8.7 kilometers away from it is the active volcano’s crater.

Lush green vegetation surrounds the placid lake


The lake and I. Hihi

An attraction as you try and get in touch with the beauty of Bulusan Lake was its Canopy Walk. I’ve always been in awe of hanging bridges although I have only been to two: one in Misibis Bay and the other when we went to Bohol last year. Inside the BVNP, this is what they have:


Look up! Wow, wow, wow!

Processed with MOLDIV

Nicer up here!

After hanging around the hanging bridge (get it, get it?), we began our trek back to the main entrance as rain started to fall. This was a rainforest, mind you, so rain was a natural phenomenon on a daily basis year-round. I pulled my cap and hoodie over my head and placed Ippy inside my shirt. Dorin used the umbrella Kuya Nilo brought for us. In no time, we were back at the entrance area. We boarded the tricy and began our descent. While it was rainy up there in the preserved area of the BVNP, it was sunshiny on the road down. I looked like a fool being still in my wet windbreaker and wet cap as we reached Bulusan proper again. Boo! Haha. Anyhoo, for taking and waiting for us, we paid the tricycle driver PhP 150.00.

It was a nice feeling to be in another protected area such as Bulusan National Park. It is indeed lovely to be one with nature in all its greens, ferns, naturally cold temperature, and untouched beauty. The gracious staff at the BVNP is worthy to mention, too! 😁

The Bulusan Lake is right inside the Bulusan Volcano National Park, Bulusan, Sorsogon.

Our expenses: From Gubat to Bulusan jeepney fare PhP 24.00; Entrance fee to Bulusan Volcano National Park PhP 20.00; Trek to the lake PhP 150 (good for 10 persons); tricycle fare from Bulusan poblacion to the BVNP PhP 150.00. Total: PhP 194.00.


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