Bigg’s Diner @ Ayala Malls, Legazpi is now open!

The Bigg’s brand is truly Bicolano. Finally, with a view of the breathtakingly beautiful Mount Mayon, it opened its doors at the newest mall in Legazpi City, Albay.

Our party of three initially missed its formal opening to the public. But one free weekend, we decided to put our seatbelts on and drive over to Legazpi. We arrived at a perfect time to partake of a mid-day meal. However, blogger duties do come first. Let’s do this.

The interiors, as any Bigg’s branch is, are well though of. I’m guessing this branch banked on Bigg’s as a food trip destination. You’re in for a total food trip slash road trip. This brick wall filled with sign plates greets you after placing your order at the counter.

All sorts of knick knacks adorn this shelf. Notably the area is maaliwalas.

Seats are in sets of four and six. It could accommodate families, barkadas, or couples can win more friends by sharing seats. Check out the three-dimensional flooring.

I say it’s a road trip because this pedestrian crossing is right in the middle.


Ped Xing

The typography on the wall gives off that quaint feel. You’re not just here to fill your tummy. You’re here to have a great time.

For larger groups, this nice-looking cement finish nook is perfect.

My favorite part? Nothing could be more accurate and precise. ūüĎćūüŹľ

We freely went around because we arrived just before for lunchtime. While we did our thang, people were already pouring in.


Now after a 360-degree tour of the place, let’s proceed with the main agenda, shall we? It’s up next.

If you’re in the City of Legazpi, check out the latest baby of Bigg’s Diner at the second level of Ayala Malls. You won’t miss it because the escalator ascends right in front of its doors. Have a filling food trip!

Thank you, thank you, thank you , Bigg’s Diner and Ms. Iris for having us. See you again soon!


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