My current wishlist at Lazada

Since I was fired up with online (window) shopping, I decided to indulge myself and look through Lazada’s site. Here, I am publicizing my top five (5) must-haves from the online shop:

Sports Cam

On top of my list is this sports and action camera. Ugh. I know, summer has officially started. Flights have been booked and trips had been scheduled. Now how to document all the fun and laughter in action? Of course, this camera will prove handy. No matter what terrain or weather you might be in, this is the perfect companion to capture those precious moments of yours. As a bonus, you get to relive the exact moments (and feelings) you have as you edit through the clips and show it off later. Haha.


Hmmm. I think cameras should come in color pops, too.

It is quite expensive though. So as an alternative, I hovered over this other sports cam. Good news: it’s in my favorite color! It has similar features but is offered at a much lower price. It just beats me why is being sold sooooo low than its original price. It’s unbelievably low.

An Instax this instant!

Speaking of cameras in color pops, I’m going crazy over instant cameras as well. I have looked through this Mini 8, this Mini 7s, and even this Mini 25. I haven’t really researched which model would work best for me.


No matter what hue as long as its blue! 🙂

I love to take pictures, and I love taking a good look at them. Too bad, they’re all in my drive just sitting and waiting. I have thousands of photos already but actually don’t have the luxury (time, money) to have each of them processed. With an Instax camera, I will have a processed picture of my snap… in an instant! Ah. That makes me want to go back to scrap booking again. Yiiii!


Geez. I need to level up my 3Gs to a 6s. Yup, I’ve been left out with three generations of iPhones already and I must catch up. That’s why I’ve been going and back and forth and back again at this Rose Gold tinted iPhone. It’s time to level up, sweetheart. ❤


So Color of the Year 2016!

I need not expound on the seemingly urgent need for this phone model, right? I just really want to upgrade! Hahaha

Long Champ Bag

Despite the fact that my top 3 must-haves happen to be gadgets, I still am that kikay who happens to love bags a lot. Uhuh, you Long Champ Planetes you, I’m looking right at you. I love its simple style. And based on reviews, the bag is sturdy and very useful. It’s just quite sad that they don’t have them in navy blue so I am also bent on having this design instead.


Loving the color combo!

Comfy Computer Chair

And finally, I have already mentioned in a previous post how my eyes are fixed on this comfortable mesh chair. I tell you, it’s love at first sight and even more.


Sit back and relax while working.

My friend has this in her home office and other my girl friends and I took turns at experiencing this wonderful chair. It’s truly ergonomic and is perfectly fitted and shaped for your spine and head. It’s exactly what I need for the long sitting hours at my work station. 🙂

So that’s about it. My Top 5 want-to-buy items at Lazada. Whew! If I had the money for all of the above, I would surely go on an online shopping spree yet again.

How about you, have you experienced shopping at Lazada before? What items have you bought? Are you eyeing some more? Well, I am quite sure you are. 🙂

*This post is an entry for the ShopCoupons X Lazada PH Blogger contest. Being hosted by ShopCoupons. Lazada voucher sponsored by Lazada Philippines.


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