Que-Lig Nights at Que Pasa Naga

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Yup, this weekend. What are your plans?¬†What? None yet? Aww. Come on. There must be a little something for that¬†heart of yours.

Let me make a suggestion: why not try speed dating?! Yes, yes, yes. Speed dating is the cool thing¬†these days for singles who are looking for The One. And I’m soooo kilig for you — this might just be your lucky day, er night.¬†Que Pasa Naga is hosting a Speed Dating event on the bisperas of V-day!


How much you trust your instinct will be tested in one Que-Lig Night. In two minutes or so, you will get to know a gal or guy and your gut should be able to tell you whether there’s a click or a spark ¬†or a little something between the two of you. Awwww. Hihihi.

Don’t get to overwhelmed with the number of searching singles you will get to meet in one night. Learn to relax, breathe deeply, and just be your awesome self. Who knows, The One you have always prayed for might just be there, too. Que-Lig!

On another note, if you do have a date come Valentine weekend or you might wanna take your speed dating “find” to the next level, why not try to challenge your minds and hearts through a heart-filled quiz night? Yes, Trivia de Amor just might do the trick!


Arm yourself with knowledge on the cheesiest movie lines you have ever heard and the unforgettable characters of the rom-coms you have watched. Try to add a little bit of scientific data and research on anything and everything about love, love, love.

Will your date be the brainy guy you expect him to be? Or will your mi amore turn out to be just another smarty pants? Or will you make a total (love) fool of yourself when the questions come pouring in? Do man up and take the challenge, mi querida and just say Yo te amo at the end of the night. Yiiiiii!

Now, while waiting for back to back Que-Lig Nights, whip out your cameras and take snapshots of what makes you totally go gaga with kilig!


Que Pasa Naga is likewise running the QueLig Moments Photo Contest. Here are the mechanics:
1. Share the Que-lig Nights: Trivia de Amor official poster.
2. Upload your Que-lig Photo with the hashtag ‪#QueligMoments on your own Facebook wall.
3. Five #QueligMoments photos with the highest number of likes get exclusive passes to Trivia de Amor!

That’s about it! Three totally Que-Lig events for V-Day 2015 brought to us by Que Pasa Naga.

Now what are you waiting for? Go tell your friends! Invite your crush or the one your eyeing (hearting?) and let Cupid’s bow hit your core right through the heart.

Que-Lig overload! *hearts*

Oooops. Don’t forget to check out¬†Que Pasa Naga on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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