Naga Dog Lovers

Saturday morning, jumped out of bed…

You do know that I’m a dog-lover.¬†Since childhood, we always had at least one pet dog at home. We also don’t give away our dogs. There even came a time that we had 3 generations of dogs that totalled 14. Were it not for threats of the Parvo Virus, the careless use of a single needle for hundreds of dogs in a province-wide anti-rabies campaign, a Canine Distemper spread, and a flurry of other factors, our house would be filled with dogs more than enough to guard a whole village. Our house is even surrounded by our dearly departed dogs and we believe that way, they still keep us safe and secure.

We also have names each, and we haven’t made the mistake of repeating a name. We usually base the names from the patok characters on TV during the time they were born, or from either their physical or behavioral characteristics. To name some: we had a pure black dog we named MJ ¬†because he was born while Michael Jackson was having a concert in Manila; there was Batman who resembles much of Bruce Wayne’s eye mask; one we named Dot-Dot because she had a big dot on her forehead; her furry sister we called Barungbung, a Bicol term which meant furry. The list goes on. Oh how I miss them all!¬†If you’re a dog lover like me, you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

And yeah, I tuned in to episode after episode of the Dog Whisperer on cable. Yes, Cesar Millan! I even believe I’m a dog whisperer myself. ūüėÄ

In the City of Naga, what started as an advocacy against local animal abuse gave birth to what is now the Naga Dog Lovers (Naga Pack). We were urged by the Naga Pack to join their weekly dog walk. We obliged, of course. I already joined a fun walk with pets once. I thought this was gonna be different since it will be in the streets of Naga. It was one foggy Saturday morning when we engaged ourselves with a walk in the park (the dogs and their owners walked, we bloggers stayed at the park and waited. teehee).

The walk usually starts with a furry family picture at the Rizal Park.


Meet up!

Naga Pack: Go spot your furry and non-furry friends!

From there, owners hold the leashes of their beloved pets and walk around the streets of Naga.


There they go!


As responsible dog owners, they scoop off their pooch’s poop.

They said they usually go around Panganiban Drive, Dayangdang, Magsaysay, Pe√Īafrancia Avenue and end at the Plaza Quince Martires. For that¬†particular¬†Saturday, they shortened the route for the sake of the small breeds who joined.¬†Like I said, as the dog walk went on, we stayed and waited at the Plaza Quince Martires. Haha. After about an hour, they’re all here!


Cutest riot ever! ūüôā

Our four-legged friends seemed tired and thirsty. As one fur family, clean drinking water was shared with everyone.


Sharing is caring.

These are but some of the fur babies I met during the walk.


Canine love, love, love!

The dog walk culminated with group pictures: (Not everyone is here. Some went home right after the walk.)

Team Huskies

Team Small Breeds

Team Big Breeds

The Naga Pack actually started the whole dog walk thing. Other areas in the Bicol region are following suit, too.

In our short talk with Don Pangilinan and Luis Rebullida, we learned that apart from additional membership, the Naga Pack‘s future plans include a park specially dedicated for dogs. Yes, a dog park would exciting! They said that they long proposed the same to the Sangguniang Panlungsod of Naga. All they have to do now is to show the very core and purpose of a dog park to cement its approval. The Office of the Mayor, they said, is in fact aware of the plight of the Naga Pack. Meanwhile that a dog park is still far from reality, a walk along the streets of Naga is still good alternative since streets are not yet too congested.

As of this writing, there are more than 2,000 Naga Pack members in their Facebook group but only about 30 of whom are actively joining their weekend walks. For now, members communicate through their Facebook group and personally meet each other during their weekend walks.

The 2,000 plus strong Naga Pack is still encouraging members to join them. The group is open for membership to every dog lover in town. One need not own a pure bred mutt much less own a furball. For as long as you’re an authentic dog lover, you are welcome to the group. What’s more, no membership fee is required. ūüôā

Do you wanna be a member of the Naga Pack, too? Then what are you waiting for? Just send them a message through their Facebook group and you’re good to go!

Arf, arf, ayt?! ūüź∂



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