BB1st at Global Kitchen

Yey! Bicol Bloggers have turned One! Happy birthday to us!! ‚̧

To celebrate our first anniversary, we went global! Uhm, we went to Global Kitchen!

I came straight from Legazpi City and I was famished. My knees were quivering with hunger and my hands were already sweaty when I arrived at the place. My spirits lifted once I opened the door and my co-bloggers gave that¬†“happy to see you!” welcome yey. I approached them one by one and mumbled a happy anniversary beso and hug.

Good thing, too, that the staff served comfort food with the Asian touch.


Who’s hungry?!

Food at the Global Kitchen is Asian Fusion and what we had was a truly Asian fare!

I nibbled through the flat noodles that the Laksa had. I kept bugging Nick to give me some more. Hahaha. The warm soup made my weariness disappear somehow as I chatted with my seat mates Sam and Martin. I remember tasting Singaporean Laksa at some place at the Cereza a few years ago, and it did bring back a few memories.

I begged off having the Tom Yum, since it had shrimp. I’m not a fan of shrimps since I get allergies whenever I try to have some. From my readings, Tom Yum aka tom yam is a Thai soup usually cooked with, yes, shrimps. ūüôā

I had a generous serving of the Pad Thai. We couldn’t guess what the crisscross was (was it flour and cheese?)¬†but decided to eat it anyway. Since I so love noodles, my palate was delighted with every single forkful of the Pad Thai I had.

Of course, we had Hainanese Chicken! I’ve been search of the perfect Hainanese Chicken since my Mom and I went to Malaysia a few years back. I was not given the chance to have a serving while we were in MY¬†so I made sure that I partook of it at Global Kitchen. My taste buds were not disappointed. The combination of sauces matched with the steamed rice made my tummy happy and full. Hahaha.

We also had mixed vegetables Рsorry, I was at the far end of the table and missed the name. Argh. Mind you, it was really good! I kept rooting for the tokwa cubes and the colorful chopped vegetables alongside it. Yum, yum. yum!

After 5 colorful and delectable dishes, I was full. Who wouldn’t be? I was surrounded with hearty laughter from my Bicol Bloggers family and the table before me was laden with good food. I cannot be more grateful that night! ūüôā

Now I suggest you tickle your palate and enjoy a tour of the culinary world at Global Kitchen.



Global Kitchen is along Panganiban Drive, Naga City just a few steps away from Landbank Rotonda branch and Apicius Culinary School.

Big thanks to Chef Anne! ‚̧

p.s. Chef Anne is the same person behind the Laksa I had at the Cereza. ūüôā





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