My Make Your (My!) Own Havaianas Experience in Naga

It’s still summer in October! Yes, the calendars have turned and the -Ber months have arrived. Just when you thought you’re ready to don your furs and boots to keep you cozy, our dear friends from Havaianas made a cute twist to the fuzzy weather: they finally hosted Make Your Own Havaianas right here at Maogmang Lugar! Woooh!

NapaSay Aloha Bicol ako when I heard the good, great, awesome news. I had to stifle my giggles and hide my excitement as I listened to our friends from Havaianas (Hi Ms. Camille and Ms. Waine!)’s story cum pre-orientation when we dropped by at their office one time. I thought I was dreaming. But yes, dreams do come true. I’ve always dreamt of participating in MYOH events. I still couldn’t believe it was finally happening here in Naga.

Now on the 10th year of Make Your Own Havaianas, the event which usually exclusively happens in the National Capital Region likewise opened its doors to key cities in the country. This is to allow more Havaianaticos in the provinces to participate in the MYOH and give them the opportunity to personalize their beloved pair in the most unique way they can. True, Naga City lagged a few months behind but hey! What else could be the best way to celebrate the chilly weather with summer feels, right?

While Bicolandia waited, Havaianas in collaboration with Bicol Bloggers hosted a giveaway to readers and followers. Winners were to receive their complimentary pair with pin.

Finally, the day I have been waiting for! As soon as I arrived at SM City Naga, I saw this hula girl. I knew I was at the right place.


The sight of the hula girl made me giddy. 🌸

I rushed to where All Flip Flops was and I was greeted by another hula girl. With busy shoppers and assemblers as backdrop.



I was too engrossed checking out the luau party happening that I didn’t see Ms. Waine already frantically waving at me. I finally noticed her, smiled and went to where she was. She handed me a rather colorful assembler’s slip clipped with stubs of what-have-we’s and my name on it. She then asked Vina to guide me through the process.

Just a heads up, if you still don’t know your Havaianas size, this colorful and friendly size guide by the entrance will help you.


I thought choosing would be a breeze since I already practiced via the virtual MYOH process I found online. Still, it was a quite a feat to personalize a pair. Given the wide array of colors of soles and straps to choose from, decisions had to be made. Hahaha.


A rainbow of straps and soles.


A game if mix and match via a spinning wheel of straps and soles.

I finally settled with the commemorative slim sole and paired it with a metallic sand grey slim strap. Vina helped me try it on to see of the combo matched the color of my feet. Luckily, it did. Hihi. Step 1 and 2, done!



As for Step 3, here are the pins you can choose from. I had a hard time choosing which to have since they were all so pretty!


I ended up loving the Hawaiian Adventure starfish pin because it’s no fuss and simple yet star-powered. ⭐️

But wait, there’s more! What made our pair even more special was the 3-letter hand stamped pin. Spot my second name! Über- personalized, really.


Now my first (more to come?!) MYOH pair is ready to be assembled.

Ivan was the one who assembled my pair. Just perfect because my strap and sole assistant was Vani and I’m Ivy. Haha. Play the name game, huh?


(1) He worked on the straps with the help of a strap-into-hole gadget; (2) Attached my hand stamped name pin; (3) Sealed it for security; and (4) Put the other two straps in place. (5) Tadaaaa! My right foot, er flip flop is done. 🎊

He then worked on the left flip flop, too, and repeated the whole process. In no time,


Ms. Waine seen here slipping my pair into a pretty mesh bag in my favorite color, stamping my assembler’s kit before handing to me my lovely pair. Mahalo very much! 💕

My pretty perfect baby, all shiny and new!  

And yaaaaaas! I’m finally ticking off Make Your (My!) Own Havaianas from my bucket list. Thank you so much Compagnia de Catalina for making it happen. Hi Ms. Rica, Waine, Camille, Rose, and everyone from Team Havaianas. Mahalo from the bottom of my heart.

Now what are you waiting for? You only have until October 18, to join the luau party specially hosted for Bicolanos by Havaianas. Do drop by All Flip Flops at SM City Naga and grab the opportunity to Make Your Own Havaianas! 

I remain.

P.S. Here’s to hoping MYOH will happen again in Bicol next year! 😉


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