Unboxing my Flipsters foldable flats

I got a gift from Flipsters and Res Toe Run! Yipeee! 😀
handpaintedsky© It’s a lovely pair of their classic Coco ballet flats. 🙂

Flipsters Coco Flats aren’t just ballet flats. They are the new standard in style, comfort and convenience. Women everywhere are making Flipsters an active part of their ensemble, because these flats not only look fantastic, they also have some great benefits.

There When You Need Them
It’s always nice to have a pair of comfortable back-up shoes just in case, especially if you wear high heels or another similar pair of shoes that takes a toll on your feet. If your feet begin to ache or you accidentally break off a heel, you’re really out of luck unless you happen to have some extra footwear nearby. The only problem is carrying around these back-up shoes wherever you go. Sure you could leave a pair in the car, but that means walking back to the car if you need them.


Shoes on the Go

Flipsters foldable flats provide an excellent solution to this problem. These foldable shoes are specially designed to fold into a compact package the size of an iPhone that you can store in the included zip pouch, which you can then keep in your purse or handbag. You can take these shoes with you wherever you go. When you need to put them on, just take them out of your zip pouch, unfold them and go.



Flipsters foldable shoes are also great to have around if you want a pair of comfortable, light shoes available whenever you need them. If you expect to take them off and on again, such as if you go to the beach or go swimming, you can fold them up and store them away without having to worry about them getting dirty or even lost.

Tough yet Comfy

Flipsters foldable flats are durable and comfortable. They feature a pierce-proof rubber outsole that is also resistant to abrasions. Flipsters foldable shoes are cotton-lined to keep moisture out and they have a soft synthetic leather upper, so your feet will stay dry and comfortable. Rest assured you’ll be enjoying the comfort of your Flipsters for quite some time.


Looking Good

Flipsters flats are stylish and look great too. They have a low-cut shape with an elastic lip that will fit your feet perfectly. These foldable shoes come in several sleek color schemes such as beige, black, navy and nude, all with their own matching zip pouches. These foldable flats look cute whether they are on your feet or folded up in their pouches.


If you are looking for a pair of dependable light shoes that you can fold up and take with you wherever you go, look no further than Flipsters foldable flats. Take a look at our selection and pick out your favorite color today!

I’m loving this collapsible flats! At first, I hesitated to try it but because I wear pumps at the office, the flats provide great comfort after a whole day in high heels. The soles of your feet will get to feel the sensation of the ground and your toes will be able to breathe a sigh of relief .

It’s easy and handy to bring around, too. I just fold it up again, put it back in the special teardrop pouch and place it inside my bag. Easy peasy. And it doesn’t take much space. Go grab your own pair, too. 🙂

Thank you so much to Res Toe Run and Flipsters! Until my next pair. ❤

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