The night we watched Bamboo Live in Naga

My cousin and I met up at SM City Naga and had an early dinner to fill ourselves for the concert. To while away the time, we went around and bought a ream of bond paper for the BIG Fest which was to happen the following day. I also grabbed a copy of Yvette Fernandez’ Simply Jesse which was on sale at National Bookstore.

After which, we met up with the rest of the gang who were having their dinner, too. At nearly 7:00 pm, we trekked the street leading to the JMR Coliseum. I was really surprised when we arrived. The line was long and winding and reached as far back as almost the circumference of the coliseum. There was only one entrance for all ticket holders. Imagine, a single line and only one entrance for a thousand or so ticket holders?? Whew!

We brought out our pamaypays (manual fans) and chatted away while we waited for our turn at the gates. After few minutes, we were able to gain entrance passing through the inspection team then finally into the main coliseum where our seats were. From where I sat, I saw that the mosh pit and the SVIP seats were already full. On the other hand, the VIP seats were slowly being filled up just like the Patron and Gold seats on the bleachers. Though contented with my view of the stage, I cannot help but feel the temperature really rising as the number of people streaming inside increased. “It’s getting hotter by the minute!”

While the crowd waited, the screen in front played on loop the sponsors of the concert. NCD was so surprised to see her logo up front. And though the logo was not shown in the Prezi, Bicol Bloggers (that’s us!) was tagged as one of the media partners. We would cheer every time our collective name was mentioned. Hahaha. We were lucky to have been given VIP tickets as media partners of the event. ūüėä

At around 8:00 am, the voice over introduced DJ Maki of MOR and Kat de Castro of ABS-CBN’s Swak na Swak as hosts for the concert.

To spice things up, a game of Suck and Blow added heat and laughter to the already hot venue.

G-Sustained was the opening salvo of the concert. The band is the music ministry of The Feast Video Bicol. They are the same band who came up with NAGUE√ĎO, TARA NA, the official soundtrack of the Happy Youth Movement.

Jade Bongat, the Mayor’s only daughter, was well applauded with her rendition of Jessie J’s Flashlight — a song from the movie, Pitch Perfect 2.

Elha, the winner of The Voice Kids Season 2 was likewise well received by the audience. A really talented girl, she sang her renditions of Irene Cara’s Fame, Mariah Carey’s Through the Rain, and her winning piece during the TVK2 Grand Finals, Emotions.

I’m sure Coach Bamboo is really proud of her. More bright things will surely come for this girl. In between songs, she related that she was so happy being in Naga as it was her first plane ride. Let’s buy her album daw.

Just before the main man came onstage, another band took the floor.

There was a quick countdown before an instrumental intro filled the vastness of the Coliseum.

And there he was! Bamboo! The crowd went wild and erupted into deafening shrieks!  

What was the line up of songs, you ask?

The stage lit up as Bamboo sang Fire and flames filled the screen in front. While recently revived by DJP, ¬†Bamboo will always be the voice behind Adik Sa’Yo. I was literally up on my feet as Bamboo sang his third song, Elesi. Sapagka’t ngayong gabi ako ang mahiwagang… elesi, echoed the crowd.

After Elesi, Bamboo kinda bluffed about going for a ten-minute break. Huh? Three songs pa lang, break na kagad? I thought quickly inside my head. But yes, not to dampen the mood of his audience, Bamboo quickly turned around again to face the audience.


We also did the quick move of running to the side of the stage to have a closer look at him.

Kung Ayaw Mo, Huwag Mo, another song when he was still with Rivermaya, played. The¬† crowd instantly recognized the song and sang along. Hindi kita mapipilit kung ayaw mo ‘wag mo akong isipin bahala ka. Hindi kita mapipigil kung balak mong ako’y iwanang nag-iisa. Kung ayomo ‘wag, Kung ayomo ‘wag…Kung ayomo, kung ayaw mo, huwag mo!¬†

As soon as Hiwaga ng panahon, akbay ng ambon. Sa piyesta ng dahon, ako’y sumilong¬†of Ulan was audible, the crowd went wild! I was jumping from where I stood, unmindful of the what the people around me were doing. I was so pumped up! Wooooh! At sinong di mapapasayaw sa ulan? At sinong di mababaliw sa ulan?

The drumbeats of Probinsyana made the crowd swoon. Mahirap amuhin ang probinsyana. Pag napaibig, wala kang duda. True. Hahaha!

Buklod’s¬†Tatsulok which was revived by Bamboo in a muck rockier version. Kept the V-signs up in the hair. I saw the crowd chanting the lyrics with much fervor because the lyrics still speak true to this day: Habang may tatsulok at sila ang nasa tuktok
 di matatapos itong gulo.

The energy of the crowd did not seem to falter as booming voices from all over the coliseum was singing Hallelujah. A seemingly angry yet energized chanting followed:

May kasama ka kapatid, kaibigan
Hanggat akoy humihinga, may pag-asa pa

Oh-oh, hallelu-ooh, hallelujah
Sinong sawa, sinong galit?
Sumigaw ngayong gabi
Hallelu-ooh, hallelujah, halle-yeah

A bewildered Generation X totally related to Awit ng Kabataan. More and more people were into jumping, arms raised, the singing even louder!

Kung gusto niyo kaming sigiwan
Bakit hindi niyo subukan?
Lalo lang kayong hindi maiintindihan

Ang awit ng kabataan
Ang awit ng panahon
Hanggang sa kinabukasan
Awitin natin ngayon

Theren there was Noypi

Hoy, pinoy ako!
Buo aking loob, may agimat ang dugo ko
Hoy, oh pinoy ako!
May agimat ang dugo ko…

Bamboo mellowed down with his rendition of 214. I saw it as a sign that the fun was nearly over. The energized crowd winded down with the love song. Well, just before the song finished I was able to slip inside the mosh pit. So I was just inches away from him as he sang,

The world could die… And everything may lie… Still you shouldn’t cry
‘Cause time may pass… But longer than it’ll last… I’ll be by your side
Forever by your side…

 Swoon, swoon, swoon.

He ended the night with his version of Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror to everyone’s delight

And just like that *finger snap* he said goodbye to the crowd. Whew! What a night! I was really perspiring and my throat was so dry. Nevertheless, I just felt so happy being with this bunch.

Tired but happy.

Thank you so much for this experience. Haven’t had a good heart-pumping, jumping, shrieking concert in a while. Thank you!! ‚̧ԳŹ

I remain.


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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