Don Rodolfo’s Black Burger 

On rainy night out, we turned black. Nope, it’s not what you think it is.

Nick Astig of Don Rodolfo’s Cafe declared a black kinda Friday to cap the workweek and for us to try their unique Black Burger.


Yup, burgers decked in black. ⚫️🍔

Its buns are baked in charcoal black, with its obsidian sauce oozing out of its sides.

handpaintedsky© So how do you eat the famed Black Burger? A good set of fork and knife is served with the burger. At first look, it may seem impossible to eat. Its jet black color appears the least appetizing to partake of. But no, don’t let its darkness fool you. You will be surprised to find out that despite its ghoulish tint, the Black Burger is as insanely good as the regular burgers they have at Rodolfo’s.


Sesame seeds on top with fries on the side, complete with utensils

Or yeah, much better: the buns are bigger in diameter, and oh the patty, the patty!


See that pink (beef) part? That’s how thick the patty is!

Now girls and boys, despite the initial hesitation, we sank our teeth into the burger — the bun, the thick patty, right through layers of cheese, bacon, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce — and survived! The result?


Thick, thick soiled beef patty. Yum!


Witch black. Teehee 😁


The aftermath. 💣

So, what’s all the black buzz about? All the goodness of a burger we always loved turned into quite eerily something more than the ordinary but surprisingly a satisfying feast for the tummy! 👍

Come by Don Rodolfo’s Cafe at M.T. Villanueva Avenue (formerly Liboton Street), across Jimmy and Tang’s, Naga City.

Happy 2nd month, Don Rodolfo’s Cafe! Keep the first in the Naga City food scene coming! ❤️


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