New Offerings at Avenue Plaza Hotel’s Cafe Plazuela

As a child, I have always dreamt of going somewhere and eating something fancy.

I imagine myself donning a Vera Wang LBD, a pair of Jimmy Choos, prettified by either Mac or Bobbie Brown, and accessorized by some sparkly loves from Tiffany and Co. I fantasize being picked up from our house by a black limousine driven by a handsome chauffer, with the man of my dreams waiting inside. Now we walk hand in hand through some lobby of an avant garde hotel, and dine over a delicious feast specially prepared for us as we look over the balcony watching the sunset from the horizon. And….poof!

Ugh. Caught myself daydreaming again.

It’s a good thing that I need not wear such an expensive ensemble. And it’s a better thing that I need not go some place else just so I could have a taste of an exquisite dining experience. The best love story you can have with food in Maogmang Lugar is right within the walls of The Avenue Plaza Hotel.


Still quite full from our Afternoon Tea Buffet earlier, we went down for dinner at the Cafe Plazuela to have dinner. An exclusive Executive Chef’s Table was prepared especially for us.


My place

I felt a little uneasy because my cool outfit (fishbone tee from Bonita Y Elegante, Uniqlo jeans, and ballet flats from Flipsters) didn’t seem to match the fine dining experience we were to have, but hey, it’s a staycation, right? ūüėé

As starters, we were served with toasted bread.


Bread and butter. Perfect together.

While seated, these twosome serenaded us the whole night.


Piano and violin. Fancy feels, alright.

I pored over the menu for our Executive Chef’s Table and yes, fancy feels more. When it was time to take our orders, a brief confusion (commotion?) enveloped us. It was our first time for a fine dining experience and we were quite overwhelmed with the thought. Nakakaloka. We wanted to try everything! Hahaha. To solve our petty dilemma, we agreed to order our personal choices then just share what we can share (if ever we wish to share). Hahaha.
So one by one, the food came. Bon appetit!

Cold Entrees


Cold Cuts Harmony – A beautiful medley of ham, salami, and lyoner sausage on top of a mesclun lettuce, served with horseradish and mustard sauce.


Scottish Smoked Salmon Melba – Thinly sliced smoked salmon accompanied by a salad of baby greens served with capers, lemon wedges and Melba toast.

Hot Entree


Gambas Ala Venetian РPrawns marinated in garlic olive oil and sautéed in lightly spiced tomato-basil concasse.



Luxurious Crab Louis -Savory crab meat and ripe mango salad wrapped in thin crepes served lightly spiced cocktail sauce .


The Classic Caesar SaladCrunchy garlic croutons, anchovy fillet, crispy bacon, shaved Parmesan cheese, iceberg and Romaine lettuce, tossed in Caesar dressing.



Chicken Essence with Coriander Quenelles and Quail Egg -Clear chicken soup with mounds of coriander and quail eggs.

From the Grill


Australian Tenderloin Steak – I had mine well done! ‚̧


Pan-Seared Chicken Supreme РMango stuffed chicken breast with Martini and apricot glaze, served with green rice and sautéed vegetables.

Fish and Shellfish


Seafood Medley -A wonderful blend of prawns, salmon, mackerel fillet wrapped in crepes, served in Jasmine rice and julienned vegetables.


Prawn Pascagoula РPan seared in light garlic, basil, and tomato sauce, served with pumpkin potato-puree and sautéed vegetables.



Exotic Fruit Gratin – Fresh seasonal fruit on a bed of soft crepes gratinated with Grand Marnier Sabayon, served with mango ice cream.


Green Tea Soufflé with Crystallized Oranges -Delightfully light tea-flavored oven-baked custard with orange segments.


Capuccino Chocolate Cheesecake -Rich, smooth, and tangy combination of cream cheese and Irish coffee served with strawberry coulis.


Succulenty appetizing huh? That’s not all that’s new. Sir Jerome introduced to us the full menu folder. I took a good look at it, too.


That’s me poring over the menu of delectable, decadent, deliciously sinful fine dining options.

To give you a bird’s eye view of how much to shell out for your dream fancy dinner in Naga City, here are the price ranges (in Philippine peso):

Appetizers 180-350

Soups 180-240

Salads 280-320

Grilled Meat with market fresh vegetables, choice of sides and sauce 1,200-1,400

Poultry and Meat 450-700

Fish and Shellfish 420-720

Pasta 320-400

Oriental Flavors 320-500

Sandwiches and Burgers 340-450

Le Pizze 400-600

Vegetarian 210-220

Dessert 220-300

Beverages (fruit juice, coffee, shakes, frappes, healthy drinks, soft drinks, and water) 40-220

So yes folks, I was able to dine at a fancy place without the hassle of dressing up to the nines. I was able to experience a fancy night minus the expensive garb but with absolutely worthy plus points for the exquisitely sumptuous dinner served to us.

If you’re on the lookout for the an extra ordinary dining experience, or if you’re just like me whose fancy dreams seem to light years away, fret not. The new and heavenly menu of The Avenue Plaza Hotel will be served to you beginning September 8, 2015 at the Cafe¬†Plazuela. Are you excited? ūüėć

Thank you so much, Sir Allan Cu and Sir Jerome Fernandez for giving us first dibs, digs, and dips into these wonderful food creations! ‚̧ԳŹ


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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