Flavours Gastronomica is turning 1 on Sept. 8!

Flavours Gastronomica is turning a year old!

It’s almost been a year of sumptuous, healthy and organic treats from Flavours. On September 8, they will celebrating their First Anniversary!

Wait, it’s almost been a year since it opened? The only time I was at Flavours was during our meet and greet with Papi¬†early this year. After that, I have not yet given myself the chance to go back and taste the flavorful gastronomic creations.

Luckily,¬†Chef Gerald, the main man behind Flavours Gastronomica,¬†hosted a hearty pre-birthday lunch to celebrate Flavours’ first anniversary. I was ecstatic! ūüėć

Since it was a lunch date, Father Sun was overhead and the heat, though bearable, caused beads of perspiration. Good thing, NCD and I was greeted by the cool ambience upon opening the door. Almost immediately after taking our seats, Chef Gerald himself asked as to choose a drink to quench our thirst. While NCD was able to choose a Strawberry and Basil smoothie, it took time for me to decide which to drink. Chef Gerald then recommended the Healthy Green smoothie to refresh my parched throat.

As other guests arrived and drinks were ordered, colorful and tasty healthy thirst-quenchers were served:


Smoothies all: Mango Banana, Strawberry and Basil, Healthy Green


Ginger Banana smoothie and Oreo Cookie Milk Shake


Smoothies, too: Strawberry and Banana, and Macha Green Tea

Aww shucks. I loved the Healthy Green smoothie! It’s perrrrrrfect to my taste and yes,¬†it is¬†such a refreshing drink, really. I wouldn’t trade it with the Strawberry and Basil, and Ginger and Banana I took sips of. I didn’t know how the rest of the cold treats tasted but basing from the content smiles and “Ang sarap!” comments I hear after taking first sips of their respective drinks, I can safely say that everything suited to our personal liking.

Now unto the salad:


Chef’s Sister’s Salad

I am not much into veggie¬†greens but I do¬†eat greens in salad form¬†like the Chef’s Sister’s salad that was served. The greens are soft yet crunchy, and the slices of grapes, mango, and pineapple complemented well with each other. If I would be given a plateful of this salad everyday, I think I will happily convert myself into¬†a green-eating monster. ūüôā

We were also served with meat: fish, chicken, and pork.


Grilled Salmon with Garlic and Herbs


Baked Salmon Crusted Pesto

Having tasted salmon before, I initially declined to have a bite. But then, Kookai took a bite first and told me that it wasn’t salmon-fishy taste at all. I took a forkful and true, it didn’t have that fishy taste. I wonder how Chef did it? It tasted like meat meat. You know, carnivore kinda meat, You get me? Hehe. Thumbs up for this pink fish treat.


Lemon and Lime Chicken


Chef’s Signature Baby Back Ribs

I was amazed by the chicken and pork dishes we had. Both had distinct tastes I have not experienced in other restaurants I have been to. The unique tangy chicken was new to me, and the well-marinated and soft pork is unforgettable.¬†What’s great news about the meat dishes is that salad is always its side dish. Thus, it is already a meal in itself. Great deal!

Now for some pasta overload!



Seafood Pesto


Flavours Mushroom and Cream

handpaintedsky¬©The pastas are perrrrrrrrfect, too! Although admittedly I’m¬†a red pasta kinda girl, I thoroughly enjoyed munching through the al dente spaghetti noodle heaps seasoned and¬†topped with greens and other edible herbs and spices.¬†My fork went from creamy to olive oily but my taste buds didn’t complain.¬†It was just delighted to dig through swirls of pasta. ūüôā

Drooling,¬†um, salivating, na eh? I’m quite sure you’ll schedule your dates with friends and family in the next few days. So for your reference, here are the price ranges (in Philippine Peso) of the dishes and drinks offered at Flavours:

Pizza and Sandwiches
Flatbreads and Pizzas 120-150
Panini 120-250
Burgers 140-200
A La Carte
Fish and Seafood 190-250
Chicken 170-200
Pork 140-220
Beef 200-490
Starters, Soups, Salads
Starters 100-150
Soups 60
Salads 120-160
Olive Oil Pastas 150-220
Cream Pastas 220-240
Tomato Pasta 180-200
Specialty smoothies 120-140
Milk Shakes 140-150
Crafted Tea/ Juices 60
Hot or Cold Tea (with a selection of loose tea leaf) 60 Hot drinks 60
Brunch served with hot drinks or orange juice 120
Kid’s menu: create your own com o of 1 chicken dish, 2 side dishes, and drink 199
It was a good two-hour lunch of healthy greens and overwhelmingly¬†perfect pastas. It was worth the ride from the Centro to Flavours’ location. And perhaps, it was the best way to celebrate a pre-anniversary feast — with us! Haha.

What are you waiting for? Dig in! ūüôā

Join the celebration of Flavours Gastronomica’s First Anniversary on September 8, 2015!

Flavours Gastronomica is located at Crescini Building (at the corner leading to the Bicol Central Terminal from Roxas Avenue) Central Business District II, Naga City. It is open from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm. You may call (054) 472.8350 for inquiries and reservations. You may also like their Facebook page for updates.

Happy First Anniversary Flavours Gastronomica! ūüĆĪ

To more flavourful gastronomic¬†adventures with you and Chef Gerald! ‚̧ԳŹ


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