Anthosia Café (v 2.0)

We were invited to the opening of the new location and celebration of the first anniversary of Anthosia Café last weekend which, to my mind, semi-coincided with the celebration of National Heroes Day to be celebrated Monday.

I was about to cross the street at Peñafrancia Avenue when a lady’s voice kept calling me. It was past 6:30 in the evening already — beyond our call time to be at Anthosia. At the other end of the pedestrian lane, I saw NCD smiling at me and when I was nearer, we made beso. She said she was waiting for Ms. Sam after agreeing to go together to the venue. I excused myself first and hurriedly dropped my entries for the Great Taste White: Choose Great, Win Great Raffle Promo at the Robinson’s Supermarket of E Mall. I came back and Ms. S was already there. We then hailed a tricycle which would take us to where Anthosia was.

We came, we saw

From a former shared office space along Panganiban Drive, Anthosia Café moved to a bigger location to accommodate its growing number of patrons.


Taal corner Bulusan Streets

Once we were inside, I noticed that the place was a full house. All seats were taken and people were everywhere ready to spend hours in the cafe.


mirror, mirror on the wall


cool squad goals

With a larger space for exhibits, the interiors of the cafe retained much of its bagong luma slash retro-but-not-so vibe.


Exhibits are up. The place is peppered with old school things and blings.


mixing the old and new

Incidentally, it was also their 10th Mural Session


combining art, music, laughter, and everything in between.

The weekend vibe reverberated much in the place. Patrons were happily immersed in conversations. The warm lighting provided that cool, hip, but human atmosphere inside the café.

We conquered

… and sampled the food on their menu!

While we waited, Kookai was kind enough to buy treats from Bratanella Patisserie’s pastry buffet.

After a while, food and drinks were one after the other delivered to our table. It was 8:00 pm already and we were hungry, so sugod mga kapatid!

Kapeng Elsa, Kapeng Señorita, Hijo de Pasta, and Maria Pasta Suplada

Kapeng Elsa, Kapeng Senyorita, Hijo de Pasta, and Maria Pasta Suplada

Kapeng Elsa is caramel-based while I sensed a hint of good old cocoa in the cold version of Kapeng Senyorita. I’m no big fan of Nora Aunor but Elsa did register an approval from my taste buds. Hijo de Pasta‘s meatballs are swabe and the noodles sprinkled with basil and tomato tasted masarap. But yeah, being the red pasta girl that I am and because I’m also suplada like that, I vouch for the bitchy red delicious taste of the Maria Pasta Suplada.

Tinapa Nudels, Halik Mo Lang, Patatas Pa More, and Pan de Oriang

Tinapanudels, Halik Mo Lang, Patatas Pa More, and Pan de Oriang

I initially hesitated to have a forkful of the Tinapanudels for fear of fishy burps after. But NCD encouraged me to give it a try and so I did. Wala, nada, zero fish after-taste. Yey! The Halik Mo Lang burger with slices of tomato, onions, and bell pepper in a bun held together by a mini Philippine flag will make you kiss your love woes goodbye. (Paalam na aking mahal?) On another note, one will repeatedly say Patatas Pa More when you sink your teeth into the salty and tasty slices of their potato fries. More, more, more!

My heart skipped a beat when I finally came face to face and heart to heart with the heart-shaped Pan de Oriang. Clad in half red and half white sauce, it gave me the notion that the heart may choose to love two at one point in time. When it’s time to say goodbye, there is nothing left to do except to break it apart. Awwts.

But, once the bread and the heart is broken, go ahead and it your heart’s content (pun intended). Haha.

But, once the bread and the heart is broken, go ahead and it your heart’s content (pun intended). Haha.

From among the three teas served, I liked Pagmamahal the most. Translation: I wanna have some Love. Charot. Kidding aside, Pagmamahal is good iced tea as it gets. No frills. Pag-ibig and Happy, on the other hand had hints of cherry-berry of which I am not fond of ever since. On a lighter note, kapag may Pagmamahal at Pag-ibig, Happy ka. 😍

Mga Tsa’a: Pagmamahal, Pag-ibig, Happy

Mga Tsa’a: Pagmamahal, Pag-ibig, Happy

So, what else are on the menu? Consistent with its theme, all Inumon (Drinks) are, in one way or another related to our color-rich history and culture. Say “Kape” and they have Anthosia, Supremo, Andres, Amerikano, Pogi, Elsa, Senyorita. Other drinks they have are the Tarraleaf, Bolero, True Love, Dekada’90 plus Tsa’as (teas) named Pag-ibig, Pagmamahal, and Happy. Shelling out PhP 60-90 wouldn’t be so bad.

Their Kakanon (Food)’s names are likewise influenced by our colonial roots with terms which are uso now: Hasta Maria Siempre, Maria Pasta Suplada, Tinapanudels, Hijo de Pasta, Longgakaday, Pan de Oriang, Halik Mo Lang, and Patatas Pa More. With PhP 60-150 budget, more more tambay it is.

Indeed, we came to see the great people behind the well-received retro cafe. We saw the unique aesthetic details of the place. We conquered their place alright but their food with a touch of patriotism here and there conquered the makabayan in us. The names alone suggest the rich history we have as a nation with a subtle twist of humor and yes, subtle hugot, in certain instances.

Maraming salamat sa mga alagad nang Supremo na patuloy na nakikibaka sa pang-araw araw na suliranin ng ating bansa sa pag-imbita sa amin sa kanilang Unang Anibersaryo.

Tandaan, Anthosia Cafe is now located at Taal corner Bulusan Streets, Naga City. For updates, like their official Facebook page or follow them on Instagram.

Pag-ibig lamang ang katapat nang lahat, mga tsong! ❤️


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