Chinese food trip at The Park Resto

This siopao face got to eat siopao, and more! 🙂

Bicol Bloggers gathered around an octagonish feast of authentic food and had a taste of the latest on the menu of The Park Restaurant.

The mere mention of siopao, dumpling, and more made me salivate so I made a mad dash from my office four towns away from Maogmang Lugar. A little after 6 pm, I was already crossing the street from BPI to where Crown Hotel was. NCD was about to cross, too but we saw Kookai and decided to wait for everyone else to come at Park Resto.

One by one they came. We were given the menu folder but I closed mine because the  pictures of the food made me even hungrier. I diverted my attention instead to the chika shared by the rest of the gang — Yvette, Nick, and Ms. S, while Didi was still busy giving work to the unemployed. (Winning answer from Candidate No. 18, Ms. Bicolandia 2015. Pak!) :p

In the middle of our conversation, food started flowing in —

These chubby Bola-Bola Siopao buns came first. The threesome is served steamy hot in these native basket bowls.


3-in-one Bola-Bola Siopao PhP 100.00

The Crown Fried Dumplings came next. It is a platterful of slightly toasted on one side to resemble a crown.


Crown Fried Dumplings PhP 180.00 per platter

These sesame-specked Buchi Buchi balls followed.


Buchi Buchi PhP 100.00 for 3 pieces

The diagonally presented Spring Rolled Vegetables was served next.


Spring Rolled Vegetables PhP 150.00 per bowl

Finally, the Japanese Siomai was presented


Japanese Siomai PhP 140.00

which was tailed behind by the Empress Siomai.


Empress Siomai PhP 90.00

You know how it is to be a blogger. We have to take a picture of everything before trying anything. By the time our Oriental treat was complete, tara let’s eat! *gobble, gobble, gobble*

What was on my plate? One of each :)

What was on my plate? One of each. Snapped this photo in a rush because famished already 🙂

Even though we only had one share of each, our tummies ballooned to full signaling that we did have our fill that night. These added and revamped treats from The Park Restaurant menu are must-tries. What’s more, their taste is as perfect as their respective prices! 🙂

The Bola-Bola Siopao had enough filling to complement the bread part — the meat and bread proportion was just perfect. On the other hand, the Crown Fried Dumplings did not appear to be fried at all. I think it was steamed and only one part was fried to really appear as a crown. The sweetness of the Buchi Buchi was just right, too. Very little oil was used (if any at all), and it’s inside was neither too sticky nor raw. You wouldn’t think that the Spring Rolled Vegetables was purely vegetable. There’s a silent tint of meaty goodness that will make you think that meat was used for the rolls. NCD and I shared a piece of the Japanese Siomai, which I originally declined eating. I’m not a fan of seafood and fishy stuff but to my surprise, I liked it. And yes, the Empress Siomai was, personally, the best among the rest! The next time I visit, it will be the first thing I’ll order. ❤


Awww. Our table was such a beautiful mess! ❤

For your authentic food trip to China minus the visa and the hefty airplane fare, you can drive by or hail a public utility vehicle to take you to Naga City’s crown jewel.

The Park Restaurant/ Park Resto is at the Ground Floor of Crown Hotel Naga at Elias Angeles corner P. Burgos Sts., Naga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines.

Thank you Sir TR for hosting this food trip! 🙂


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