Que Pasa Naga launches 3rd artist of Siete Paobras

I was invited to witness the launch of the artist to create a mural for the third portal of Que Pasa Naga early this week. It was a dinner launch together with Bicol Bloggers, and local advocates promoting the arts in the region. Mr. Carlo Buenaflor, CEO of Bigg’s Inc., welcomed everyone to the launch.

Before the 3rd artist was revealed, the floor was first given to Ms. Bernadette de los Santos, better known as Bidi Bidi, who gave a background of the inspiration for the artwork she made for the second portal.

Doña Bidibidi

Bidibidi – artist, actress, magazine cover

She said that Laura Esquivel’s book Like Water for Chocolate was mainly the inspiration for her mural. The sensuality of the book (I have actually read the book and yes, it is gastronomically sensual.) was represented through the flowers while to express the elements of the recipes of the protagonist, Bidi Bidi used localized ingredients such as bignay, pomegranate, pako (fern), and others for that Bicol touch.

After which, she was handed a token of appreciation through a poem entitled, Doña Bidi Bidi which was read aloud by Sir Carlo to everyone’s delight.

The poem's title was

Señor Carlo and Doña Bidibidi

With its 2nd portal done, the 3rd portal necessarily follows. That night, we were introduced to the artist who will showcase his work for the third portal

Señor Higino Francisco Peñones, Jr. aka Frank Peñones

Señor Higino Francisco V. Peñones, Jr. aka Frank Peñones

He introduced himself as someone into poetry whose actual first love was fine arts. He added that his idea of art is democratic in that, people should see art not just on canvass or in a gallery. People should see art — inter-relate and connect with them. Further, he said that in his Graduate Studies, he worked on a collection of poetry. For this particular work for the 3rd portal, Mr. Peñones said that his inspiration will be Nicolas Guillen, a poet laureate of Cuba. With this, he read aloud a poem in Spanish which he later translated to English.


Señor Frank’s batchmates from the Ateneo de Naga supported his launch. Notice him wearing an ADNU shirt.

In his work for the portal, he intends to use appropriation as his poetic device, and will utilize acrylic to create a three dimension work of art. From my understanding, he is given a month to complete his mural which will then be unveiled come September.

After the pleasantries, vamos a comer!

Baby Back, Baby!

Dinner courtesy of the Toro Toro Bar by Que Pasa Naga: Baby Back, Baby!

I was lucky to have been seated at dinner with Doña Bidibidi and Señor Frank. It so happens that I know how to converse in the Rinconada dialect so our banter was mainly in Rinconada. I came to know that Doña Bidibidi was from Baao and Señor Frank was from Iriga City. I also got to know their respective advocacies and present and future plans as men and women of the arts.

Amid the presence of local artists, other personalities were also at Que Pasa Naga that night.

The Robredos, in time for SILG Jesse Robredo's 3rd death anniversary.

The Robredos (in gray, pink, and white) in time for SILG Jesse Robredo’s 3rd death anniversary.

and THE Gang Badoy!!! :)

and THE Gang Badoy!!! 🙂

Going back to the portals, the murals are part of the Siete Paobras project of Que Pasa Naga primarily spearheded by husband and wife Carlo and Rica Buenaflor in support of local artists. Sir Carlo, being the honorary consul to Spain, injects much inspiration into our already Spanish-oriented way of life. Indeed, we are more Spanish than we admit.

With the first portal done,


1st portal by Señor Dennis Gonzaga

The second one finished,


2nd portal by Doña Bidibidi

and the third will be on the works,

big windows cum art portals

3rd portal to be worked on by Señor Frank Peñones

there will be four more to complete the Siete Paobras. We will just have to wait and see. That’s what makes Que Pasa Naga even more intriguing and interesting.

If you have not been to Que Pasa yet, now is the perfect time to be there. Take a glimpse of this 360-degree Instagram worthy barbecue place, and yes, a closer look at the murals of our beloved Bicolano artistas.


Que Pasa Naga at night

Que Pasa Naga is located at the corner of Barlin and Cathderal Streets (near the Porta Mariae of the Naga Metropolitan Cathedral) Naga City.

p.s. Muchas gracias Doña Bidibidi for the drive home. So cannot wait to visit your Café de Artes. 🙂


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