APICIUS Culinary School is now in Naga

Apicius Culinary School opens in Naga!

With the mushrooming of cafes, bars, and restaurants in Maogmang Lugar, it is but fitting to have our very own cooking school right here, right now. And yeah, the doors of Apicius Culinary School have opened in Naga!

APICIUS started operating late 2009 when a group of highly skilled and experienced Chefs (Hotel, onboard Cargo and Cruise ship) came together to form what is now Apicius Culinary Arts & Hotel Management Consultants, Inc. Their passion is to hand down more than 30 years of experience in training and leadership to their students in a warm, friendly, and modern facility, through active cooking and in depth theoretical sessions. Their mission is to provide responsible and skilled culinary leaders, who will apply their trade locally and abroad promoting art, passion and commitment.

APICIUS took its name from Marcus Gavius Apicius who is believed to have been a Roman gourmet and lover of luxury who lived sometime in the 1st century AD during the reign of Tiberius. He is attributed with the authorship of the Roman cookbook Apicius which is considered the first cooking book and recipe collection.

Last July 18, the 5th branch of Apicius Culinary School opened at the 3rd Floor of the Luzonian Building along Panganiban Drive.


The blessing of the facilities of Apicius was led by Fr. Rex Hidalgo through a paraliturgy.

No less than the local Chief Executive John G. Bongat graced the occasion and cut the symbolic ribbon marking the grand opening of the gourmet institution together with Master Chef Wolfgang Alfredd Rappl.


After the blessing and the ribbon cutting ceremony, we took a good look at the kitchen of Apicius.   

 The food fare was prepared by these two lovey-dovey chefs — Gourmet Chef Dick Condeno and Pastry Chef Connie Condeno.

 Their students from the Legazpi branch helped out.

 And what else was left to do? Partake of the delicious food, of course.

 Wanna make your inner Martha Stewart or Anthony Bourdain come alive? Yeah? The Apicius opening in Naga makes me want to go to school again. This time in a culinary school, though. ūüôā

Visit Apicius Culinary Arts and Hotel Management, Inc. at the 3rd Floor of the Luzonian Building, Panganiban Drive, Naga City. Enroll now!

Information about the courses will be posted next. ūüôā


4 thoughts on “APICIUS Culinary School is now in Naga

  1. Hi..i want to inquire how many year you are offering for the culinary course,and when is the next enrollment and how much the enrollment..i want to enroll..my daughter next year..thank you..


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