Sweet Gallery

Sweets for my sweet. Sugar for my honey! ūüćĮ

Just when you thought you overcame your sweet tooth as a kid, here comes a new place in Naga which would satisfy your adult saccharine cravings. From the Jack’s Blue Plate Diner family, comes Sweet Gallery.

handpaintedsky¬©¬† True to Jack’s trademark food place and art, Sweet Gallery is just that — pastry cafe and art gallery in one. The bar where you place your orders are studded with art.

Yen and Yvette tiptoeing to marvel at some of the paintings on display.

  Kids arts were saved a place, too!

     Of those on display, I liked these best. Color, color. Blue, blue.

¬† ¬† The seats itself are artsy in a way— different sets for different folks with different strokes. Cushioned seats, a Cleopatra, wooden chairs, Tiffany chairs.

  Or these high chairs with the view of the passing vehicles below. Take your pick!

¬† Because Sweet Gallery is meant to be your cozy place to have dessert, dessert ain’t dessert without having a meal first, right? So before we sunk our teeth to the splendor of sweetness, we had dinner first courtesy of Jack’s Blue Plate, of course. Tadaaa!

taco pizza, Jack’s burger, meatballs spaghetti, white tuna carbonara, onion tower, barbecue ribs

Early at dinner though, I spotted an early treat!

cheesecake shots!

After dinner was done, the most awaited part came. Dessert! We sampled these treats from the menu.

samples of the dessert menu: coffee, muffins, apple pie, blueberry pie, cheery pie (not picache!), and chescecake shots

Apart from what we had, Sweet Gallery offers more cookies, pies, muffins, and coffee at affordable prices:

Cookies (per piece/ per pack)

Gingersnaps PhP 25.00/ 99.00

Oatmeal Walnut Raisin 35.00/ 119.00

Chocolate Chunk 30.00/ 109.00

Peanut Butter 30.00/ 109.00

Peach Cobbler 45.00


Cheesecake shots 199.00

New York Style Cheesecake 89.00

Pies (per piece/ whole)

Apple 89.00/ 425.00

Banana Cream 79.00/ 365.00

Chocolate Cream 79.00/ 365.00

Cherry 89.00/ 425.00


Blueberry (jumbo) 79.00

Chocolate Chip (jumbo) 79.00

Orange cranberry (small) 20.00


Brewed 45.00

Cafe latte 65.00

Cappuccino 65.00

Uhm, did I mention that they have frozen margarita and daiquiri, too. Not exactly dessert but still! Hah! ūüôā ūüćł


So, if you’re looking for a food place to give in to your sweet cravings with matching works of art in the background or to just chill and calm your nerves a bit, check out Sweet Gallery at the second level of Jack’s Blue Plate Magsaysay, Barangay Balatas, Naga City.¬† See you there? ūüôā

Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Fessler for having us! ‚̧


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