How to Dine at Que Pasa Naga

Que Pasa Dos Por Dinner

Hola amigos y amigas! Buenas dias!

You do remember that I won a dinner for two at Que Pasa Naga, right? I decided to tag muy hermano along after our respective work hours one Thursday night and experience Que Pasa.

So I printed the voucher, reached for my wallet, got an ID, and two one peso coins.


Yes guys, my first meal at Que Pasa will only cost me PhP 2.00. It’s a great bargain since it’s already good for 2. Doing the Math, each meal is only PhP 1.00, instead of 150.00. That’s a total of PhP 298.00 savings. ūüôā

Upon arriving, I was greeted by the friendly guardia. “Buenas noches, ma’am,” he said. I smiled back and told him I will wait for my companion inside. I got in and had a 360-degree opportunity to view the interiors of Que Pasa Naga. Yeah, yeah. Que Pasa is truly Instagram-worthy. Every effin corner of it. But first, dinner!

How to Dine at Que Pasa Naga

Dining at Que Pasa is actually like the turo-turo in most carenderias in the country.


The added oomph is that, they call it the Toro Toro Bar. I reiterate: In English, point-point. In Tagalog, turo-turo. In Kastila,

handpaintedsky¬©¬†In Bicol, (blip-blip). Witty, huh? ūüėČ

If the mere thought of the pinasosyal na turo-turo frightens you, fret not. Here’s your handy guide in dining at Que Pasa Naga:

First, you choose your base: meat or fish?

Meat options are pork barbecue, tuna fish, chicken meat (leg/ breast), and baby back ribs.

Meat options are pork barbecue, tuna fish, chicken meat (leg/ breast), and baby back ribs.

Second, choose your sauce. Remember to opt for the type of sauce which would go well with your meat base:

From left: Que Pasa, Cerveza Negra (0% alcohol), Bicol, and Chili Xocolate

From left: Que Pasa, Cerveza Negra (0% alcohol), Bicol, and Chili Xocolate

You may ask your cute and friendly baristas for suggestions.

Psssst, pogi!

Psssst, pogi!

Third, opt for a side dish or side dishes to complement your meal. There are various sides available so choose very well.


Macaroni and cheese, Bicol Express, and Pinangat

handpaintedsky©Fourth, decide on which type of rice you would want to have for your meal. Plain rice will allow you to savor every bite of your chosen viand, laing rice is all-Bicolano, and pimenton garlic rice is tasty.


And just like that, rapido! You’re done.

Off the 3 options for the Dos Por Dinner promo, I was told that Set C was not available that day. So my brother and I settled for the 2 remaining sets and got these trayful where we sunk our teeth into the muy delisyoso dinner:

free dinner makes a happy brother!

free dinner makes a happy brother!


Set A: Chicken barbecue with Que Pasa sauce, Pimenton Mashed Potato, Laing, Plain Rice

Muy hermano’s chicken meat tasted perfect with the Que Pasa sauce. The plain rice complemented the meal perfectly, too. The pimenton mashed potato tasted really good as well, that I had a few bites of it. The Bicolano original laing was likewise tastebuds-approved. ūüĎćūüŹľ¬†¬†


Set B: Pork Barbecue withCerveza Negra sauce, Mac n’ Cheese, Judias Blancas, Plain Rice

My pork barbecue blended so well with the Cerveza Negra sauce. Having plain rice was just perfect because I was able to savor the taste of the meat and the sauce. I loved the macaroni and cheese side dish because of its cheese-salty goodness. It was my first time to try judias blancas (white beans) and though new to my taste, it was really good.

I believe our meals were curated well by Que Pasa Naga. If I were to go back, I will order the very same set I just had. Burp!

Of course, pa-retrato afterwards.

Pwede! :)

Pwede! ūüôā

Si? Si!

Si? Si!

Muchas gracias, Que Pasa Naga for this Dos Por Dinner treat. Hermano and I had so much fun!

We went after work so naka-uniform pa. :)

We went after work so naka-uniform pa. ūüôā

Que Pasa Naga is at the corner of Barlin and and Cathedral Streets (in front of the Naga Metropolitan Cathedral) in Naga City.


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