The Brat is Back!

You still remember the lovely cupcakes we had during the Bicol Bloggers launch?

cupcake ferris wheel

Shortly after our launch and providing the treats during our sparty, Alec “The Brat” Peña, the sweet lady behind these lovely pieces of heaven took a quick break and pursued culinary classes. And now that culinary school with THE Heny Sison is mission accomplished, The Brat is back with exciting new stuff awaiting our taste buds and sweet tooth. (Andaming sweet para intense!) Wow!

Bratanella Cupcakes is now Bratanella Patisserie

Yup, a whole new level up from the already best-tasting cupcakes that we know. The Brat is now baking made to order gourmet cupcakes. Her mission? To impart her love for baking and make every occasion memorable leaving customers/ households satisfied and wanting for more.

So how did this love for baking succulent sweets start?

Curiosity Got The Brat to Bake

It all started with The Brat’s curiosity to bake. Seeing her eldest sister try out new recipes, The Brat started helping out and dirtying her hands, soon discovering that baking is fun. Her entrepreneurial mind soon started kicking off like an engine as she spot great potential to satisfy a niche to which she could cater to.

BratAnella? Must be Bratinella, right? Not quite

Of course, a business should have a name, a brand. Several names where suggested by family members and friends. After inventing, reinventing and eliminating possible names, finally came up with Bratanella Cupcake.

Most people thought (some still think) that it’s wrong spelling but it’s not. It’s intentional. A stands for Alec. Yes, Alec is The Brat, the artist, the entrepreneur, the creative mind behind the brand.

The First Grass Root Stint

Exposure is what is needed to any business endeavor. With the help of her elder sister, who loves marketing, they informally launched the first gourmet flavored cupcake, red velvet during her elder sister’s friend’s surprise birthday/ despedida party in 2012. During the same week, the rest of the family members started informing friends and soon the word spread resulting to a fairly modest order.

On-going Journey

Every day is a day of learning and fun. For the Brat, it is like play time balanced with consistent innovation and focus. Experimenting and thinking outside the box play a big role in the continuous growth of the business. Bratanella Cupcake continues to strive to satisfy the varying and growing needs and demands of its niche every single day. Diversifying into several product line like cake pops and cookies, keeps the Brat as curious everyday as she was before when she just started to give baking a shot.

And now, she’s back and we await these manna of sweet bread from straight from The Brat.

Welcome back, Brat!

The Brat is Back


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