Bigg’s welcome the birth of Bicol Bloggers

After our SPArty, we were dropped off by our Taxicles and proceeded to have lunch at Bigg’s Diner Magsaysay. Upon arriving, we were surprised to such a festive welcome!


It was indeed a well-prepared venue for the launch of Bicol Bloggers. Still giddy from the rather colorful welcome, we were asked for our orders. As a frequent Bigg’s diner, I would have wanted to order my all all-time favorite Bigg Deal but for a change, I settled for something else instead.


While we waited for our orders and munched on our appetizers,  

a simple dialogue between us bloggers and  Bigg’s CEO Sir Carlo Buenaflor followed. In his brief talk, he gave a few hints of more developments that is to come to Bigg’s and expressed his openness to partnerships which promote and enliven Bicol.


We gushed when our lunch came


and blushed furthermore when we were given GCs for bigger love in time for V-day.

After the hearty lunch courtesy of Bigg’s, we spent the rest of the afternoon holed up inside the place. It was sort of meeting as to what’s in store and what’s next for Bicol Bloggers. The best things are yet to come, definitely! 😃

Bicolano to Bicolano, the partnership between Bigg’s and Bicol Bloggers will come a long way. After all, an mga Bicolano, uragon! 

Thank you very much, Sir Carlo Buenaflor for giving us the Bigg Bicolano love. 🙂

Visit the Bigg’s Diner website and Facebook page for bigger love! ❤

*This is Day Two of #BicolBloggers launch and #SSSstaycation.








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