Care for a Bratanella Cupcake?

After the Naga X Challenge, we were welcomed at the pit stop with a Ferris wheel of not only appetizing but equally great-tasting cupcakes. We needed some sugar rush after a challenging task so having cupcakes was just perfect!


Ferris wheel of goodies!

I grabbed (grabbed tlaga is the word!) the chocolate ones topped with minty swirl with matching heart topping ‚Äď in time for Feb-ibig month — before donning my batik bathrobe and letting go of my clothes except for disposable underwear provided.


And another one after the refreshing scrub


But wait, there’s more!
Care for a cupcake?

Our SPArty at MySpa was complete with the sweet treats courtesy of Bratanella cupcake.

For orders, you may pop a message via email to or contact (+63) 917.655.0132. You may also like their Facebook page for updates and online orders.

*This is Day Two of #BicolBloggers launch and #SSSstaycation.



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