Cafe Frederico: Crown’s Finest

Dinner was served at Cafe Frederico of the Crown  Hotel.

Our hungry tummies were served with the most sumptuous dinner.

Food galore to cap our Day One.

Are you hungry yet? This was the menu for the night. Let’s get to know each one:

Contrary to its algae-like color, this soup with tofu tastes really good and is enough to stave off hunger already. Green Seafood Soup PhP 190

If you choose to be healthy, this meat and green dish is a great option. Broccoli Beef PhP 365

I’m not a fan of shrimps but my co-bloggers said that the dish simply spelled d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! Shrimp, Ginger & Onion -PhP 290

My most favorite! I never cease to have this in or order list whenever we dine at Café Fred. Perfectly meaty! Salt & Pepper Spareribs PhP 265

Are you salivating yet? Hehe.

The pictures shown above failed to include the Fish Fillet Tofu (Hot Pot) which was served while we were halfway through the meal (because we ordered it late). Busy with the munching and chewing, I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to take a picture of it. Mind you, like the rest of the menu, the Hot Pot was sinfully good. It is sold for PhP 210. And yes, our viands were completed with Salted Fried Rice  sold at PhP 145 (good for 3) and the Iced Tea Pitcher for PhP 110.

If you were to treat yourself for good food, it would be best to have your feast at Cafe Frederico. Its very central location is a haven for hungry tummies who do not want to disappoint their taste buds. What’s more, diners are likewise treated to a live showing of what’s going on in the metropolis.

Night traffic


Metro Naga at night

Many thanks to Sir TR for arranging our stay at Crown Hotel and for treating us to dinner at Café Fred.

Café Frederico (Café Fred for short) is at the second level of the Crown Hotel, Elias Angeles corner P. Burgos Streets., Naga City


*This is Day One of #BicolBloggers launch and  #SSSstaycation.

The Bicol Bloggers launch and SSSstaycation was



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