Feel Like a Princess (or a Prince) at Crown Hotel Naga

Now I start sharing about my SSSstaycation and Bicol Bloggers launch experience. 😊

Attached to to the personalized invitation I got was the schedule of activities for the weekend:


I so looked forward to the activities since it was a welcome respite for laboring non-stop for months already. I felt that having a staycation — a vacation right in the heart of Maogmang Lugar — was just the perfect brew. 🙂

Staycations are never complete without accommodations. In fact, accommodations are number in staycations. Lucky for us, ours was provided by Crown Hotel which is located right at the business district of Naga City.

I met up with the founders of Bicol Bloggers there with me coming straight from work. It felt so surreal to be within the walls of one of the rooms of Crown Hotel. I’ve been there many times to book flights at the lobby, dine at Cafe Fred or Park Resto, and just pass by its main door when I was still a student, hear mass at San Francisco Church, or just be roaming aimlessly around that area. Now, I’m actually inside a room and booked for a night!

While we waited for the rest to come back from their task for the day, I got up close and personal with the room where I was going to spend the night —

Upon entering the room, you will be greeted by these twin beds,

and Native chairs for two, too. Luckily, ours was a non-smoking room.

When you wish to talk before hitting the sheets.

The room is likewise furnished with a cable-ready  TV set and mini refrigerator

For some in-room entertainment and refreshment

Private bathrooms are a must for any traveler so I peeked through the bathroom, too.

Mirror, mirror on the wall and hello lavatory, too.

As with other hotels, Crown provides soap and shampoo for two.

Basic bathroom essentials for a traveler

The bathroom is made special by this piece of art.

The restroom’s center piece.

Being the Girl Scout that I am, I brought along my own toiletry haul. 🙂

Some things I can’t live without while sleeping over some place.

My room tour ended with this duck face mirror selfie. Teehee.

Fresh from the office, straight to a staycation!

After my quick tour of our room, we were rounded up for dinner and a brief night entertainment. And at last, bedtime!

The bed felt comfy enough for my aching back. I was delighted to see an extra pillow inside the closet (a single pillow would do me no good). And yes, the sheets were just warm enough to shield me from the cool temperature of the room. Being under the sheets and weary from the day’s work, I said goodnight to my room mate, Kookai.

I slept well and felt like a real princess when I woke up. 👸

Were it not for the excited shrieks of youngsters from outside the glass window,

A rather early run for students

I would have stayed in bed all day and without a care in the world. Oh well, good morning Naga! Rise and shine!!

*This is Day One of #BicolBloggers launch and  #SSSstaycation.

If you want to experience being a prince or a princess in a palace right at the heart of the City of Naga, book a room at Crown Hotel.

Crown Hotel is at Elias Angeles corner P. Burgos Sts., Naga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines. They have a free shuttle service to and from Pili Airport daily. Contact the hotel at (054) 473 8305 for bookings. For more information, you may also visit their Facebook page and their website which will be launched soon.

Thank you very much to Sir TR for arranging our stay at Crown Hotel. 🙂

The Bicol Bloggers launch and SSSstaycation was


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