Bicol’s Influential Bloggers are here!

I ended the month of January and started February this year on a delightfully good note. I had another weekend of non-stop fun, unforgettable experiences, and yes, new-found friends and family!

Don’t get me wrong. I love my old friends and truly adore my fambam. It’s just that, I began exploring this wide, wide world and came across like minded individuals. And it’s just too awesome to let it pass. Thank you, God!

I was invited as one of the bloggers and digital influencers to grace the launch of BicolBloggers, the hub of Bicol’s Influential Bloggers,

My personalized invite. Kilig!

My personalized invite. Kilig!

and the first anniversary celebration of SoleSearchingSoul. What better way to have a two rolled into one activity than a StayCation?!

stay + vacation = staycation

stay + vacation = staycation

Yup, you read it right. I, along with other bloggers and digital influencers, embarked on a weekend of being tourists in our very own Maogmang Lugar. We got to experience a vacation like no other. You know. Good food, cozy places to be, more and more things to try. The feels! 😍 Ugh. Being my madaldal self, I’m already itching to tell you about my weekend adventure and amazing crossover from Jan to Feb. I have to contain myself though and do first things first.

I’d like to thank the dream team of three people who weaved the whole weekend soirée together: our forever solemate Apple Allison, the ever updated view deck of Naga Naga City Deck and, the one who never left, Nick Astig. Thank you for choosing and inviting me to be part of this amazing adventure I’ve always dreamed to be part of. Dreams do come true talaga. Since our Daet in Daet, you’ve all been good to me. You guys rock!!!

Thank you’s are likewise due to the major partners and collaborators who made the launch and staycation possible. Our perks were

major sponsors

major sponsors

Huwaw! These fully supportive establishments and the people behind each of them are the very reason Bicol Bloggers chose to collaborate and promote local:

Our staycation’s cozy accommodation was provided by Crown Hotel; delicious lunch was prepared by Mama Enga; the sumptuous dinner was served by Cafe Frederico; and the filling breakfast was offered at Crown Park Restaurant. What’s more, MySpa provided us with the most relaxing experience, too. Thank you very much Sir TR for all these.

Our SPArty was likewise made complete by Bratanella Cupcakes. Thank you, Alec.

The Taxicles of Naga was our official transportation partner. Thank you to Manong Raffy and Tatang Bert for driving us safely around the streets of Naga.

A rather BIGG welcome awaited us at Bigg’s Diner during the formal launching. Thank you Sir Carlo, Meghann, and Irvz.

Watch out for my posts as we discover and re-discover our own home sweet home. I will be sharing to you my experience in this much anticipated staycation of Bicol Bloggers.

Bicol Bloggers: bringing the world closer to Bicol.

Bicol Bloggers: bringing the world closer to Bicol.

Bicol Bloggers, unite! 😄


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