Me at Magnum Cafe Manila

I have tasted Magnum ice cream for only about four (4) times pa lang. Given its hefty price tag, it’s not something I would choose to buy on a regular basis.

So reading these posts from Animetric made me drool:

Anmetric's April 19, 2014

photo from Anmetric’s April 19, 2014 post

Animetric's May 15, 2014 post

Photo from Animetric’s May 15, 2014 post

I’m a lover of both ice cream and chocolate so much that the Magnum Cafe offerings featured by Animetric hit me right through the core. Aaaaah. I so wanna go and have a taste of what Magnum Cafe has to offer!

Thus, when I got a chance to be at Taguig, I scoured the whole of Bonifacio Global City to look for Magnum Cafe Manila. It was a great day since I was to meet with my good friend Liz and her little family at SM Aura. I’ll skip telling you about lunch and window shopping. Let’s talk about my Magnum Cafe experience. 🙂

So, ok. After having lunch at the Food on Four, we walked around several floors for some window shopping. Liz, Onins, and Gio were kind enough to treat me for dessert. And yeah, since I was really eyeing some Magnum action, I insisted suggested Magnum Cafe, of course. (Hi Liz!) 🙂

We went up several floors and tadaaaaa!

behind these glass is a taste of heaven

behind these glass is a taste of heaven

We inquired about the cost and the table arrangements, if any. We were showed the menu. Gosh. Pricey to the next levels. But according to the lady assistant, a Create Your Own Magnum costs only One Hundred Pesos with the option to stay at the area provided for to-go Magnums. We heaved a sigh of relief and were ushered in.

How to Create Your Own Magnum, you ask? Here’s how:

First, you have to pay PhP 100.00 to the cashier.
Next, you will be asked for three (3) choices of toppings. There were many of them which were stationed right beside the cashier. I chose crushed Oreo Cookies, Speculoos cookies (I remembered you Patsi dear) and Pistachios for texture.


Your three (3) toppings of your choice will be mixed through a shaker for the purpose. While all the shaking goes on, the Magnum Maker serving you will ask what ice cream you prefer: Vanilla or Chocolate. I opted for Vanilla.

Thereafter, your choice of dip will be asked, too.

Gold, milk, or dark?

Gold, milk, or dark?

I went for milk chocolate rather than the gold and dark chocolate ones. My vanilla ice cream was then dipped into the milk chocolate pool. After that, the toppings were distributed evenly on top (kaya nga toppings eh). 😉

right on top

right on top

And then I asked for a white chocolate glaze as opposed to the dark and milk chocolate choices.

white chocolate for added color

white chocolate for added color

Unknown to me, the trademark M was added to the work of art.

M is Magnum

M is Magnum

And it’s done. Your Create Your Magnum is yours.
Uhm no. Mine, all mine…!

Magnum ala Handpaintedsky

Magnum ala Handpaintedsky

vanilla ice cream dipped in milk chocolate topped with crushed Speculoos cookies, Oreo cookies and Pistachios glazed with whit chocolate and finished with signature M

vanilla ice cream dipped in milk chocolate topped with crushed Speculoos cookies, Oreo cookies and Pistachios glazed with white chocolate and finished with the signature M

Magnum Makers do it fast. From paying, choosing the toppings, choosing the ice cream, dipping, glazing, serving — it only takes about five (5) minutes. The result? One happy ice-cream-loving-and-chocolate-loving kid-at-heart 🙂



I ate my Magnum creation to my heart’s content. Bite after bite, I let my teeth sink into the sweetness of the crushed cookies and the nutty texture of the pistachios combined with the sweetness of the vanilla ice cream dipped in milk chocolate. I came up with a rather good combination. 👍

When I was done with my Magnum feast, I was able to sneak into the main Cafe which were meant for customers who ordered their Hot Meals and Plated Desserts. I was welcomed by this:

chocolate logs!

chocolate logs!

No wonder the whole Cafe smelled of chocolate! There were big bars and logs of chocolate set up to permeate the room with chocolate aroma. Grabeh! Chocolate heaven, really.

I made my way inside and captured the whole area of the Cafe. There were seats and not many of them were filled. The occupied tables had used utensils by the happy diners.

towards my left

towards my right

I know I’ll get to dine on this side of the Cafe, too. For this particular trip, my self-created Magnum is more than enough. And this couldn’t be any truer:



I finally tasted my own Magnum creation. I am grateful to Liz and her family for treating me to (and documenting) my first Magnum experience. Thank you so much! Let’s go again sometime with PUDS.

Would you want to visit Magnum Cafe? Go and get a taste of your own Magnum creation. I heard it’ll be open for only a year (from April 2014). Go, go, go now. 🙂


I remain.


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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