Lemming for L’Indochine


A lemming refers to a purchase/wished-for-item which results from reading an enthusiastic post about a new fabulous product. Overcome by compulsion, readers follow like lemmings diving off a cliff.

Originally coined in the alt.fashion newsgroup in the late 90s, the term has permeated numerous beauty boards/forums/sites.

May be used as a noun or verb. May apply to the buyer but more commonly to the item of desire.

Uhuh. I’ve been lemming for L’Indochine (read: Lan-do-shin) ever since it opened its doors to buyers who seek the unique and colorful like me. I came to know about L’Indochine via Patty Laurel’s blog. She raved so much about the items on the racks that, yeah, got me lemming to dive my way to the store, too.

For days, weeks, and months, I ogled these fancy darlings:

Mantra necklaces

Mantra necklaces

I even contacted my good (not to mention pretty) friend Liz, who happens to be a cousin of one of the owners, to have a piece reserved for me. Sadly, the necklaces were sold out and a restock is still at bay. Apart from the necklace, I haven’t really thought of anything else to buy from them because I have not really seen their other items for sale. I just wished that maybe one day, I’ll get the chance to personally see the store for myself.

And yes, finally! I was able to pay a visit to their store at SM Aura.

It's one colorful haven!

It’s one colorful haven!

I'm here, for real. :)

I’m here, for real. 🙂

There, I met up with Liz who tagged her tiny tot Gio and thoughtful hubby Onins with her. While waiting for them, I browsed through rows and racks of Asian goodies — from accessories to clothes, bags, pillows, wallets and purses of all sorts, ceramic bowls, plates, and so much more. I couldn’t hide my excitement. I’ve been a fan for so long and being at the place was quite overwhelming. 🙂

all things nice and pretty

all things nice and pretty

media features

media features

Nevertheless, these colorful items got me.

top: Lisu pouches; left, hand painted pouches; right: mini Lisu bag charms

top: Lisu pouches; left, hand painted pouches; right: mini Lisu bag charms

Super happy and colorful, di ba? Liz arrived and we looked around some more. We asked about the availability of the Mantra necklaces. I was told to write my name on their guest book just in case re-stocks have been delivered. Then, I made my choice as to which item I’d purchase for this particular visit. I got me these:

mini Lisu bag charm and Hmong Tribe fabric flat wallet

mini Lisu bag charm and Hmong Tribe fabric flat wallet

After my little trip to Asia via L’Indochine, Liz and I didn’t waste time to have a photo opp inside the shop.

From one side of the store...

From one side of the store…

... to the other.

… to the other.

Being at L’Indochine was an enjoyable buying and pleasure trip. I am really grateful that I was able to tick off visiting the store from my MNL Things To Do. I will surely be back for my much-coveted Mantra necklace. 🙂

L’Indochine is located at 3/F SM Aura Premiere, Bonifacio Global City. Find L’Indochine on Facebook, and follow @theinspirationseekers on Instagram to get updates and first dibs on new stock.

See you again, L’Indochine!

I remain.


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