Meet Matt

I said, I was going to meet Matt Mullenweg.

Matt who? Matt. You know. The man behind WordPress and AutoMattic. 🙂

On the day of the meet up itself, I was at the venue two (2) hours before the scheduled registration. From where I was staying, I took the MRT to the Ayala Station, walked my way to the nearby Shell station and rode a shuttle bus bound for Bonifacio Global City. Before I knew it, I was at the Globe Tower.

from Ayala to BGC

from Ayala to BGC

I was led by a lady receptionist to the Concierge where I got my sticker. With the remaining hours to spare, I lounged around Basement 1 of the Globe Tower where seats were provided for waiting guests. What else to do? Take selfies, of course. 🙂

your truly

yours truly

I likewise looked around the basement and got a glimpse of the art gallery.

art gallery

art gallery

The artwork that captured my attention. See the intricate details?

The artwork that captured my attention. See the intricate details?

After which, I checked my watch and went up the beautiful stairs which led to the Radiate Hall. I waited a little more and took the opportunity to take pictures of me by the red chair.

capturing waiting me

capturing waiting me

When I saw these on the registration table, I knew I was at the right place at the right time.

button pins and stickers galore!

button pins and stickers galore!

I went inside and yes, this is really it! I was giddy and nervous at the same time 🙂

It's official. It's legit. It's happening in a few!

It’s official. It’s legit. It’s happening in a few!

As I was early, I took a second row seat to assure myself of a good view of Matt. In the course of choosing the seats in front, I was able to befriend Jay who is a web developer from Davao. The meet up organizer, Andrew dela Serna and his companion, took it upon themselves to make the meet up a lively one. They were able to interview each of the early bird attendees and gave away prizes to those who were able to answer FAQs about Matt. Jay and I befriended Raffy of, a kababayan from Albay, while the answers were fielded and prizes were given away. Yey! New friends. 🙂

When the cocktails were ready, we were asked to line up and eat our feast by the hallways which were set up for the purpose. Raffy introduced me to the rest of his pro-bloggers group Ron, another Raffy, and Ian. More new friends 🙂

The food spread was promising. Yum!

The food spread was promising. Yum!

Jay, Raffy and I ate together and discussed a few things in between bites. Ron, Raffy and Ian ate with Myrns at another table. When we were all done eating, I excused myself and went to the washroom. When I came back, Matt has already arrived. I stood frozen as I watched some attendees having their pictures taken him. When I came back to my senses, this was all I managed to take:

Matt's back

Darn it! Thankfully though, I caught up with him inside the Radiate Hall, went up to him and politely asked if I could have a picture taken with him. Fortunately, he obliged. So here —

Me and Matt

Me and Matt. Weeeeeeh!

The program formally started with Globe’s Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications addressing the crowd. Later, the man of the hour was introduced. Here he comes!

Wordpress is Number One :)

WordPress is Number One 🙂

As he spoke all eyes and all ears were directed to Matt. He was such a wonderful speaker. He talked about the brief history of WordPress and the future of WordPress. He was also very accommodating to the questions which were asked of him.

Idea after idea. Question after question.

Idea after idea. Question after question.

Here are some insights that I got from Matt:

Through WordPress, anyone in the world can have a voice.

No matter how little you know, there is always someone who knows more than you do.

When I usually don’t know what to do, I blog.

On the Famous Five-Minute Installation: by calling it “famous,” it became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Honor the past while creating the future.

The sun never sets on Matt.

Lucky attendees were given prizes as the Conversation with Matt progressed — button pins, shades, iPhone cases, and Moleskin notebooks. I was lemming for one of the limited edition Moleskins. But anyway, I got not just one but two (2) prizes for asking my question:

One, a pair of  WP shades. Literally, the man behind WordPress ;)

One, a pair of WP shades. Literally, the man behind WordPress 😉

Two, free e-book download card. :)

Two, free e-book download card. 🙂

After exhausting all the questions, Matt called it a day by letting the attendees have a photo opportunity with him.

Without the shades

Without the shades

With the shades ;p

With the shades ;p

Of course, I also had a picture with Philippine Meet Up organizer whom I shared a conversation or two in the course of the online pre-registration process. If not for him, WP Community Meet Up Philippines 2014 wouldn’t have been possible.

With Andrew de la Serna

Thank you, Andrew dela Serna!

The Meet Up was super duper awesome! Imagine, a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and converse with the main man of WordPress. I wouldn’t let it pass since I have been waiting for something like this the very day I signed up for my WordPress account.

Thank you so much Matt for coming half way around the world to meet your Filipino friends. Thank you for the WordPress love you share to the rest of the world,too. We’re all so lucky to have you at the helm of WP. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

See you in 2017 again soon? 🙂

www --- WordPress love!

www — WordPress love!

I remain.


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