How I Met Matt

You may have noticed that I am actively blogging again when the month of May came this year. This was jump started by Date in Daet and well, all other blogposts started from there. Having celebrated my 6th year on WordPress,

From WP

I vowed to take my blogging experience to the next level. And level up I did — I met up with Matt.

Matt who? You ask. Matt Mullenweg, the man behind Automattic and WordPress lang naman.

Talk about the Universe hearing your hearts desires! ❤️

So how did I get to meet him? It all started when I saw this post from my dashboard.

Hot off the Press got me attentive.

Hot off the Press got me attentive.

I looked through the rest of the article but found no mention of the Philippines or any Asian country for that matter. Hopeful, I skimmed the comments section. And my eyes widened upon reading this:

There's one for Manila!

There’s one for Manila!

I clicked Manila and was led to this micro site:

screen grab from WordPress

I immediately hit the sign up link but got a negative response saying that the pre-registration for the event has been closed. I was disheartened but still pushed my luck:

pushing my luck

And follow I did. A few days later, I checked the blog and hallelujah! Registration was opened again! I filled up the form as fast as I could while thinking thoroughly through my answers to the questions. I loudly tapped the enter button promptly for fear that slots may be filled up again and I would fail to make it. Luckily,


I then crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. There was perhaps a screening for lucky registrants who will be given the chance to be up close and personal with Mr. AutoMattic. I just wished myself the best. To be chosen to participate would be a real privilege.

While I pre-registered already I was in doubt whether the event was legit. Hacks and hoaxes happen, right? I went around the WP Community Meet up site and found this helpful:

It's in their official calendar!

It’s in their official calendar!

Oh yes it is in their calendar. :)

Oh yes it is in their calendar. 🙂

Not long after, good news came in my inbox —

I've got mail

I’ve got mail

I tumbled wordpressed with happiness!!!

I’m going to see Mr. AutoMattic. Woohoo! 🙂


Stay tuned for more about this story.


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