What a Tumblr Meet up is all about

Like I said, apart from this blog,I have another blog in the Tumblr platform. This little Tumblr blog of mine is mostly composed of quotes which are sources of my daily inspiration when the number of letters and figures exceed the 140-character limit of Twitter. Of the number of years I’ve been with Tumblr, I have only written 95 posts.

Last Saturday, I officially became a Tumblr-er.


I was carnival ready but opted not to bring out my inner kikay. Na-shy na ako to dress to the nines.

Upon arriving, I was greeted by Nick Astig, one of my dates during Date in Daet 2014, and his companions and was asked to sign up at the registration table. Shortly thereafter, the meet up opened with a spontaneous prayer by Ally.

Now what to expect in a Tumblr meet up? What do you need to bring during a Tumblr meet up? Your own tumbler, of course. Jooooooowk! Corny. Haha.

Here are some pointers for you to enjoy your Tumblr meetup (or any meet up for that matter):

One, bring out your inner cheerleader.

If you were so active in your school during Intramurals and cried out cheers so loud until your voice became hoarse, now’s the time to remember all your batch cheers. Recall all the lines that pumped up the energy of your teammates which at the same time drowned the spirit of your opponents.


Or, just be creative and come up with anything that suits your team name like ours:

“Tenenenten tenenenenen tenenenenen UBE!”
“UBE-bi baby baby my baby baby…”

(I must say that UBE stands for Ultra BiolEt since our name tags’ the color violet. Hahaha.)

Two, wish and pray that you be called in the raffle.

There are a lot of items that were given away during the meet up. If you’re not the early bird, you have your chance to win prizes via your registration number. My lucky number (I was number 10) in the registration list was called in to be one of the winners in the raffle. I won these goodies:

stickers and button pins from previous Tumblr meet ups

stickers and button pins from previous Tumblr meet ups

Three, gear up for some memory work.

Remember the cheering/chanting in number one? It’s actually a pep squad-ing with a purpose. All the cheering and the chanting is only a creative method by which the team will introduce themselves and their URLs.

If you’re not deaf and is patient enough to store all the URLs in your memory card that is your brain, then, make good use of it. Memorize as many URLs as you can. Who knows? You can win one of these cupcakes:

Thank you, Ariane's Cupcakery

Thank you, Ariane’s Cupcakery

Having no more URLs to say, the game ended with a Jack en Poy between my team mate and a representative from another team. In the end, we won the game and each got a piece of cupcake. Victory!

My chocolate cupcake with green frosting says,

My chocolate cupcake with green frosting says, “Hi!”

Four, tote around the most unique things you have at your disposal. It may give you another chance to win something.

As for me, I brought my good old umbrella. Ain’t it weird and unique given the summer heat? Haha. I don’t know but I guess I was the only one who brought an umbrella with me. And for that, I was able to take home this loot:

Tumblr sticker, gift cards from Motives Motives Salon and Spa & Motives Travel and Tours, and mini artwork from

Tumblr sticker, gift cards from Motives Salon and Spa & Motives Travel and Tours, and mini artwork from Lei Melendres

And yes, this Polaroid shot is a product of the bring me game, too!

Polaroid happy :)

Polaroid happy 🙂

Five, brace yourself for celebrity appearance and fangirl/ fanboy all you want.

None other than Cosmopolitan-bachelor-turned-youngest-governor-in-Philippine-history graced our Tumblr meetup.


Migz Villafuerte is such a cover boy. No wonder majority of the Camarines Sur population gave him the gubernatorial seat last election. (I’m part of the minority, though.) Anyway, join in the pa-picture kay gob bandwagon na lang –



And the mandatory group picture, of course.

TSEM2014 attendees

After the photo opp with him, he witnessed how we unraveled ourselves in order to come up with the longest line. He had a brief chitchat with the organizers as well.

chit chat with Gov

chit chat with Gov

Team UBE with team Green formed the longest line. We won again! We each got this:

More button pins and stickers, yey!

More button pins and stickers, yey!

I told you, there were a lot of items given away. And I’m happy that my team has one twice!! Cue in: Tenenenten tenenenen tenenenen UBE! 😀

Six, just be game na game with everything.

All the games and prizes didn’t end with the longest line relay and Gov. Migz leaving the venue. There was one last game where we huffed and puffed our way through four (4) glassfuls of flour to find a single one peso coin. I have asthma and I haven’t played that game ever in my life. We didn’t win but que ber. I had so much fun. Haha. This is the end result:

Care for a kiss? ;p

Care to kiss? ;p

A groupie again 🙂

Find me 😜

Find me 😜

Seven, carry around your most happy self.

You need a good deal of it especially since you’ll be meeting new friends, playing old silly yet fun games. Smile a lot and be open to everyone around you.

I come in peace. :)

I come in peace. 🙂

The Tumblr Summer Ender Meetup is one riot of a journey for a blogger like me. I have been with a Tumblr for xxx years already but this is the first time I was able to mingle with bloggers who, after all, are also humans like most of us. We may have different writing styles, genres, and topics in blogging. Yet, at the end of the day, we share the same love for self-expression.

I would like to congratulate Nick who painstakingly thought through the whole process of the meet up and previous Tumblr meet ups. Sulit ang pagod, Nick Astig! I would also like to commend his team who helped organize this event. Horaaay! And to the sponsors who helped the organizers give more to the attendees.

Ariane’s Cupcakery
Motives Salon and Spa and Motives Travel and Tours
Lei Melendres
Naga City Deck
Soul Searching Sole
The Provincial Government of Camarines Sur

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!
The organizers’ energy and sponsors’ generosity are very much appreciated.

What a way to end my summer! Until the next meet up, Tumblr guys.
In Malacanang naman, yes? 👍😉

I remain.


Photo credits:
Me with Migz photos (collage), group pictures, Peace signing me – from the organizers
All other photos are (c) mine.


But wait there’s more…


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