Tumblr Summer Ender Meet Up 2014

Did you know that apart from this WordPress blog account, I also have a Tumblr account?

Oh yes I do. It is composed mostly of quotes. Quotes which I copy and paste for inspiration when the character exceeds the 140-limit set by Twitter.

And tomorrow, this is slated to take place:


Tumblr bloggers will join the Kaogma Festival fun and end summer with a bang!

Bloggers let’s end the summer with a bang!

Meet new Friends | Games and Prizes | Enjoy the Carnival 

May 31 | 1 pm 
Provincial Capitol Grounds.

Registration: Capitol Convention Center. 

Meetup is absolutely FREE!

Snacks will be provided for the first 150 participants.

For more information join our Facebook group.

You may RSVP here.

Now what to wear? 😜



Join us? 😎

*Photo sources:

Tumblr Summer Ender Meet Up event page

Lookbook de Carnaval 


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