Artsy-Fartsy in Albay: The Chosen

I took advantage of the Camarines Sur – Naga City – Iriga City holiday and went to Albay for a change. I took a van from Naga City which would take me to Legazpi. It actually felt weird that my ride went beyond my usual commute. There was a natural urge to ask the driver to stop at he designated bus stop. But taking the long stretch of the road beyond where I go everyday felt liberating. 🙂

I reached Legazpi at noon, under the blaring heat of the still summer sun.

The shadows of the vehicles say its 12:00.

The shadows of the vehicles say its 12:00.

And since it was lunch at the same time and my tummy was grumbling for food, I inched my way to where Pacific Mall was to grab a bite. Whenever I’m in Legazpi and whenever at the Pacific Mall, I loyally eat at Rice Surprise.

My perennial order --- Tocinosilog!

My perennial order — Tocinosilog!

After my hearty lunch, I tidied myself and went around the mall. Although a weekday, there were a lot of people strolling by holding their brown Metro paper bags. I saw some familiar faces who are mostly from Camarines Sur. Hah! Like me, I knew they also took advantage of the holiday and went to a non-holiday province. 🙂

Content with looking around, I then asked the directions for the jeepney which can take me to where the Albay Capitol was. I asked a lady guard and followed her instructions to the letter. I looked for a jeep headed to Daraga and strained my neck waiting for the Albay Capitol to appear. It took about ten (10) minutes since the jeep took detours to avoid a certain bridge which was under construction. Then finally,

The facade of the Albay Capitol

The facade of the Albay Capitol

I went in and asked the Officer of the Day at the Public Assistance desk where the on-going art exhibit was. I was told to go inside and the middle part of the Atrium was the Art Gallery itself. True enough

Art Gallery


I was in luck because there was not just one but two art exhibits going on: The Chosen and Dose na Grafika.

The Chosen

exhibit poster

The Chosen is an art exhibit featuring the works of Kintab, a group of artists from Pili, Camarines Sur (that’s my hood!). I presumed that the exhibit’s title took its cue from the Capital Town’s slogan, “Choose Pili.” Nevertheless, the exhibit is aptly dubbed as such.

doodle art

The featured artworks vary from oil on canvass, acrylic on canvass, and pastel on canvass. Let me take you on a visual tour:

paired works of art


human and nature

human and nature

Touching on the religious, too.

Touching on the religious, too.

Apart from the “on canvass” features there were woodworks also.

Katnga by Lorenzo Alvina

Katnga by Lorenzo Alvina

Paratarok by Lorenzo Alvina

Paratarok by Lorenzo Alvina

Larong Pinoy by Harold Gomez

Larong Pinoy by Harold Gomez

From among the works on display and being the person drawn to color, these particular items caught my eye:

"Into the a Depth of Color" - Ida Tud

“Into the a Depth of Color” – Ida Tud

"Artist Village II and I (respectively)" - Cris Gomez

“Artist Village II and I (respectively)” – Cris Gomez

And anything blue makes me happy, too!

"Blue Grey" - Dan Emmanuel Sagaral

“Blue Grey” – Dan Emmanuel Sagaral

Of course, I made selfies while there.


The art exhibit is not only a showcase of the talents of the artists from Pili. Most of the artworks are being sold at certain prices. Truth be told, my phone camera does not give justice to the beauty and essence of the works of the various artists who contributed to The Chosen.

You may wish to see these artwork from Pili artists and/or purchase anything that caught your fancy, then, just drop by at the Albay Capitol Atrium Art Gallery. The exhibit will run until the 31st of May. The Art Gallery is open from 8:00 to 5:00 pm Mondays to Sundays.

Congratulations, Kintab!

Proud taga-Pili. 🙂

Up next, Dose Na Grafika.


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