Daet Pinyasan Festival 2014

Today marks the full month before the Pinyasan Festival will be celebrated in Daet, Camarines Norte.

Pinyasan festival poster

The Daet Pinyasan Festival in Camarines Norte is a brainchild of then-municipal councilor now incumbent mayor Tito Sarte Sarion. Now on its 22nd year, the Pinayasan festival will be in full swing from June 15 – 24 this year. The celebration coincides with the 431st Foundation Anniversary of Daet and the Town Fiesta in honor of St. John the Baptist.

Below is the tentative schedule for the sweetest and potassium-rich celebration in Daet:

June 15, 2014 Sunday

7:00am Mass and Floral Offering Thanksgiving (Rizal Monument Ground)

8:00am Pinyasan 2014 Opening Program (Heritage Center Ground)

9:00am Opening of Bahay Anihan Agro Fair

1:00pm Pinyasan Dog Show (CN Agro Sports Center)

2:00pm Opening Parade with Government Agencies/ Military and Schools, Best Marching Band and Best Marching CAT Competiton (Central Plaza Mall to Eco Athletic Field)

June 16, 2014 Monday

8:00am Flag Raising Ceremony and Presentation of Candidates for Miss Pinyasan 2014 (Daet Municipal Hall Complex)

9:00am Blessing and Inauguration of Pinyasan Fountain (Daet Eleveted Plaza)

3:00pm Pinyasan Photo and Art Exhibit Society of Art Enthusiast Workshop (Daet Municipal Hall Lobby)

June 17, 2014 Tuesday

7:00am Pinyasan Padyak Race (Bagasbas Beach to Central Plaza Mall Complex)

8:00am Cooperative Summit (Daet Heritage Center)

8:00am GK Pinyasan Build (GK Pinyasan Village)

9:30am Pinyasan Food Fair (Central Plaza Mall Atrium)

1:00pm Pinyasan Cookfest (Central Plaza Mall Atrium)

5:00pm Awarding of Best Pinyasan Souvenir Item Award

June 18, 2014 Wednesday

1:00pm Pinyasan Little Angels (Central Plaza Atrium)

2:00pm Kasalang Bayan sa Pinyasan (Our Lady of Pe√Īafrancia Parish)

5:00pm Pinyasan Got Talent (Daet Central Plaza Terminal)

7:00pm Dangal ng Daet Awards (Daet Heritage Center)

June 19, 2014 Thursday

9:00am Pinyasan DRR Olypics (Our Lady of Lourdes College Foundation)

10:00am Pinyasan Job Fair (Central Plaza Mall Atrium)

10:00am Pineapple Peeling Contest (Central Plaza Mall Atrium)

2:00pm Pinyasan Float Competition and Pinya Carafest (Eco Athletic Field to Central Plaza Mall)

4:00pm Pinyasan Ginuman Fest (Eco Athletic Field)

June 20, 2014 Friday

8:00am 6th Daet On The Go Pinyasan National Dart Tournament (Calaguas Gateway Hotel)

10:00am Pinyasan Job Fair (Central Plaza Mall Atrium)

2:00pm Inter Barangay Basketball Tournament ( Opening Ceremonies of METRO DAET CUP)

7:00pm Miss Pinyasan 2014 Beauty Pageant (CN Agro Sports Center)

June 21, 2014 Saturday

8:00am Pintahan sa Pinyasan (Tattoo Competition) Bagasbas Aquamarine Park

8:00am 6th Daet On The Go Pinyasan National Dart Tournament (Calaguas Gateway Hotel)

9:00am Opening of Bikol Cities and Municipalities Sharing in Good Governance (Pineapple Island Resort)

1:00pm Pinyasan Street Dancing Competition and Fireworks Display (Central Plaza Mall to Eco Athletic Field)

7:00pm Pinyasan Star Express (Eco Athletic Field/ CN Agro Sports Complex)

June 22, 2014 Sunday

5:00am Pinyasan Fun Run (Daet Heritage to Bagasbas Beach)

7:00am Horse Racing Competition (Eco Athletic Field)

7:00am Pinyasan Strong Man Competition (Bagasbas Life Guard Station)

8:00am 6th Daet On The Go Pinyasan National Dart Tournament (Calaguas Gateway Hotel)

8:00am Ricky Lee Script Writing Workshop (Daet Heritage Center)

8:00am Laro nag Lahi (Bagasbas Beach)

7:00pm Barabgay Night and Awarding of Ten Outstanding Tricycle Drivers of Daet (CN Agro Sports Complex)

June 23, 2014 Monday

8:00am Flag Ceremony and Awarding of Pinyasan Garden Competition (Daet Municipal Hall Grounds)

8:30am Balik Tanaw sa Pinyasan (The Pinyasan 2014 Recap)

1:00pm Pinya Kulinarya (Central Plaza Mall Atrium)

7:00pm Bikol Dance Sports (CN Agro Sports Complex)

June 24, 2014 Tuesday

9:00am Pontifical Mass in Honor of Saint John the Baptist (Parish of Saint John the Baptist)

For more information, please contact Mr.Marco Paulo Delfinado at the Municipal Tourism Office.

You may also visit their website at www.daetonthego.com or like their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/pages/DAET-on-the-GO.

Aaaaaaand, yes. The countdown begins in 30…29…28…

See you, see you at the place where Bicol begins. ūüôā


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