NCYO’s Color Run was Fun!!

I’m taking a quick break from my Date in Daet travel posts. I must share this new and wonderful experience with you.

NCD hinted about a Color Run happening in Naga.


I so wanted to go but hesitated for two (2) reasons: One, the run was scheduled on a workday (Monday); Two, none of my friends were disposed to go. So ok, I had to let this run pass.

Imagine my delight though when I got word that it was re-scheduled.


Yey! It was set on a Saturday and Khai has confirmed her interest to join me. Double yey! Khai has been my constant companion in runs around the metro. We actually have a collection of singlets already. Hahaha 😉

So, yeah. Earlier today, we joined the Naga City Color Run along shrieking tweeners and teenagers. I’ve put up a gallery of the pictures I took so as not to flood this post of nothing but photos. Here you go, enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Color Run was organized by the Naga City Youth Officials 2014 and was supported by the Local Government Unit of Naga City led by Hon. John G. Bongat. According to him, the run fell above the expected number of registrants of 700 which doubled to 1,400 and spilled to 1,700 over the weekend. He said the number doesn’t include the colorum/ unregistered runners. Hehe.

I did enjoy the Color Run. Apart from the concept patterned after the Holi Festival of India and the Color Runs rampant in New Zealand, this run is one of its kind in Bicol so far. This is the first public color run in the Bicol region. An exclusive color run was already initiated by the Architecture students of BISCAST before.

More color runs, please. Let’s add more color to our already colorful life!!!

I remain. 🙂


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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