History 101: Bantayog +1

This is Day One of our Date in Daet.*

Third Stop: The Bantayog

Daet boasts of a particular monument which dates back from the Spanish era — one which they call the Bantayog.

Can you recall my last interesting find at the Museo Bulawan? Well, this time, the monument is larger than life.

matayog ang Bantayog

matayog ang Bantayog

The Bantayog is interchangeably called the Morga monument. According to our museum guide earlier, Morga was a writer whose works were highly praised by Rizal.

The Morga side of the monument

The Morga side of the monument

The Bantayog is the first-ever monument in the world to be built in honor of Philippine national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal. When news of his death at the Bagumbayan (now Luneta) reached the masons of Daet, they dedicated a monument to immortalize Dr. Rizal. This article tells more about the Bantayog.



A few steps away from the Bantayog is the Monument of Martyrs of Camarines Norte.

Monument of Martyrs


This monument was built through the efforts of loving relatives and friends of the martyrs. It was unveiled on 1996 in honor of the ā€œkatipunerosā€ and great sons of Daet and neighboring towns who offered their lives to the country during the 1898 Daet Revolt.


The monument needs some upkeep and maintenance, though.

At ilang tumbling lang, nasa Bantayog ka na ulit. :)

At ilang tumbling lang, nasa Bantayog ka na ulit. šŸ™‚

Why not come and visit? Both monuments are found at the corner of Magallanes Iraya and Justo Lukban Streets in Daet, Camarines Norte.

The site couldn’t be missed by anyone going around Daet because of this adjacent bridge.


I take pride in the fact that I got a brush of history in this particular part of the journey around Daet. With my co-bloggers at that!

Thanks NCD for being my hand model. Haha!

Thanks NCD for being my hand model. Haha!

I remain. šŸ™‚

Up next, lunch!


*What is Date in Daet?


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