Zalora-fied once more

I was just done eating lunch when my phone suddenly rang. I was hesitant to answer at first since the number wasn’t recorded in my phone book. The ringing was persistent though, so I picked it up.

Me: Hello?
Other line: Hello Ma’am?
Me: Yes, who’s this?
Other line: Ma’am, may ide-deliver po akong package. Zalora po, Ma’am.
Me: Ah, ok. Yes, please.
Other line: Ok, Ma’am. Later po.
Me: Ok. Sure.

Boy, that was fast! It’s only been two (2) days from Tuesday when I ordered my pairs, but hey, here they are already. Sumo-zoom ang Zalora, ah. Here’s what I ordered:




For this particular transaction, I opted to pay Cash on Delivery. Yabang not. I used the store credits I had with Zalora,


so I only had to pay PhP 79.00. Teehee.

Upon putting down the phone, I immediately prepared THE cash.


True enough, a while later, a closed delivery van parked right in front of our gate. He didn’t have to knock since my neck was all stretched waiting for it to arrive. Excited much. He asked me to sign my name on two sheets and handed me my box of shoe treats. In return, I gave him the money. Keep the change, kuya. Hehe.



Hmm. I noticed that compared to the first to boxes I got from zalora, this box seemed worn out already. There was a protective protective sticker seal alright, but there was no bubble wrap or cling wrap that protected it from the harsh elements of transfer and delivery. I checked the sides and found out that the courier this time was 2GO and not JRS Express. Oh well. I was just grateful that I received my shoesies today and I had change to pay for the COD. I appreciate, too, the effort of the manong delivery man to call me up prior to his delivery. I was able to prepare. 🙂

So, this is it. Unboxing time. I used my scissors to remove the seal, then this welcomed my vision:


Two (2) strips of paper: one as my receipt, the other for filling just in case I seek for a return or exchange of my items,


and a free sachet of Downy!


Let’s proceed with the unboxing. I checked the three (3) shoeboxes one by one.



Thankfully, Zalora got it perfect this time — my loot is all size 6s. Yeah, I know. I’ve little feet. Hehe.

I’m very grateful that I got my sizes this time. I’m thankful that I’ve candy colored shoesies, too. And yes, my cute little feet have new ‘shoes to fill.’ 🙂

Happy, Thank You, More Please!


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