We were to meet for our planning class at 10:30 so I lazed around in bed until about 7am. An hour later, I ate my breakfast, jumped into the shower, and prepped my self and the things I would be bringing.

Before proceeding to the University, I had my Midterm Paper printed first. The cartridges of our printer are broken, so I resorted to this:


For only PhP 37.00, I was able to have my two (2) Papers printed, appendices photocopied, and covered with a folder. 🙂

I dropped by the Church of Christ the King before I went to the CLG Training Room for our class. Doc Malu made a walk-through of the manual we were to use once we go out for field work next month. After which, my classmates and I went out to have lunch at the Kubo.


This is my take two of the Chicken Teriyaki Meal: chicken fillet covered with barbecue sauce, steamed rice, vegetable strips, plus blue lemonade. The serving is just enough to fill my hungry tummy. 🙂

My classmates and I stayed for a while exchanging stories. We decided to go back inside the University once we saw another classmate heading toward the gate, uninformed of the new reserved classroom for the day. We all went together.

At 2:30, with no sign of the professor coming, and the third class for the day having been postponed for next week, we hopped on to our classmate’s car and gamely went to the Mall. Imagine all seven of us squeezed in one car!


Thus this elevator shot as proof of us seven. Hmmm. I must practice taking snapshots against mirrors. 🙂

We went to NBS first to buy the flip chart pad we needed for our field work. Then proceeded to the food court to divide the pages among ourselves. With nothing more to do, us ladies bought tickets and watched


with popcorn and soft drinks combo! 🙂

When the movie was done, we went separate ways and bid each other goodbye. Everybody was home-bound na.


Our Midterm Examinations in Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making + Statistics was…nerve-wracking. Thankfully, by the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit and all the angels and saints in heaven, our professor decided to let us bring the examination home and be submitted next week. Hallelujah! My prayers were heard!

As soon as our professor uttered those words which were beautiful music to my ears, the tension knots in my nape and shoulders loosened and the developing migraines in my head fluttered away instantly. Hahaha!

To further beat the stress away, I ate a big meal at lunch with Paw at White Bean. I started with a Chef’s Burger


but since I was craving for a cheesy pasta, I ordered a bowl of their Classic Lasagna.


Gutom lang ‘Te? asked Paw. I said, Yeah! 🙂

When my stress level is several feet above sea level, I drown myself either with sleep or food. There being no bed in sight, I chose to indulge in the latter. ;p

We took a tricycle to the Mall afterwards. Paw had his facial/ Diamond Peel while I waited at the couch poring over Victoriano’s book. I also bought a sketch book at NBS for my doodling pleasure. Paw and I parted ways at the terminal where both took our respective buses home: Paw was Ragay-bound and I was Pili-bound.

So, that was my weekend. I am grateful that I was able to spend a rather light cap to a week that was.

How about you? How was your weekend?

Happy, Thank You, More Please!


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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