Happy Birthday, Zoie!

It was a quick online invite from our grade school classmate, Balarns. And in no time, we were set to attend our inaanak’s first birthday party.


Cheeks and I were proxies for Ninang Lizzie at Zoie’s baptism last December. Thus, Cheeks and I are tagged as Zoie’s ‘proxy ninangs.’




Photos from Cheekay’s Facebook account, and the PhotoBooth.

This is Balarns and Lizzie with their chikitings when they met up. [Photo via Instagram]


Friday play date with Gio, Laarni,my grade school classmate and her daughter, Zoie. Z is also my goddaughter 🙂

We did the ‘proxy ninang’ part again at Z’s first birthday yesterday.

We went to the venue as instructed from Balarns’ tweet. It was just a tricycle ride from the City Center and we found it easily since the garage had banderitas ready. We were still unsure though so we asked the occupants who were outside. And yes, we were at the correct place at the right time.

While waiting for the rest of the guests, we helped out with the party poppers and candy-colored assorted sweets. When the party started, I just sat by the veranda of the house watching the clown entertain the crowd from a meter-distance. Cheeks was at work being a volunteer unofficial photographer for the event. 🙂

When the clown ended the program with one final magic trick, we adults were pooped but the kids were still all around the place. For after all, it was a kiddie party and adults were just the onlookers.



Just before we bid the birthday girl goodbye, I asked Cheeks to take some pictures from my phone .



While the kids got their plastic full of goodies, Titas were given shakers. Cheekay got a pepper shaker and I got a salt shaker. Coz I love salt and salty things! ;p


Not only that, I got another bonus goodie!


Hahaha. I love crayons and yes, I am still a kid at heart.

It’s fun to spend time on things like these — kiddie parties, crayons, balloons, cakes, candies, and everything nice. You get to reminisce your own childhood. You remember your birthdays where you blew candles and ate spaghetti. You remember your friends who were at these celebrations. You remember a huge chunk of you and who you are. 🙂

To Z, happy birthday. May God bless you always!


Happy, Thank You, More Please!


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