Batang Rizal

The professor in one of my subjects is at the same time the Director for the Center for Culture and the Arts of the University. He took the opportunity of inviting his students to come watch a play which was to be shown at the Gymnasium.


I signed up and got me this PhP 200 worth ticket:


Signing up was almost immediate since, the last time I was able to watch a play was in high school. I miss watching theater! Best of all, the play is by PETA. Wow!

My classmate and I agreed to meet at 4pm so that we could fall in line early and get front-row seats for us.


Reid later called me up and told me that he was going to watch Conjuring with his friends. I was asked to go ahead and just reserve a seat for him. And so I did.

I left the house at 330 pm. By 4:05 I was at the corner of USI and walked my way through Ateneo Avenue. I stopped by 7-11 first to grab a bottled water to stave off my hunger and thirst. Just as I was about to cross the street, I saw Raissa and Giziel. A short kumustahan over Sundae Cones ensued. We bid each other goodbye just as the rain started to pour.

I hurriedly walked my way to the Gym via the Xavier Hall clutching my wet umbrella on one hand. I surveyed the area and got a glimpse of this poster:


It was 4:24 already. Luckily, there was no line yet. I gave my ticket to one of the staff. She teared off the smaller piece and gave me back the bigger part of the ticket. I looked around and saw our professor who was quite busy with the final preps for the last show.

There were people sitting on the bleachers and only two people by the chairs. I walked and occupied a conservative fifth row seat at first. But when the bleachers people came scrambling for the seats near the stage, I secured the best possible seat I could get: right side of the stage, front row, by the aisle.


I was this near the stage. The center seats were taken by students and I was too shy even to try to squeeze myself in between cliques of classmates, friends, and college couples.

The play promptly started at 5pm with a brief introduction from the organizers. I like it that we began the play with the singing of the National Anthem already incorporated in the First Act.

At the start, we were told to either ‘kill’ our cellphones (mangyaring patayin po muna ang inyong mga cellphones) or put them on silent mode. I opted for the latter since I was likewise saving what remained of my battery life that afternoon. 😉

We were also reminded that no picture-taking and/or video recording was allowed….ay, sad…unless prior permission is secured from the kinauukulan o pangasiwaan, yey! (Double yay for the rather deep Filipino words. They’re just too beautiful to hear.)

I begged off from taking pictures and recording videos and just kept my for picture and WiFi connection purposes only spare phone inside my bag. Without much techie fuss, I fully enjoyed the play so much.

Towards the near-end of the play, some lady crept in the aisle with an iPad mini in hand. I was too engrossed in watching the Acts to even remind her that what she was doing was not allowed. I noticed though that she had this ID hanging round her neck saying, ‘Staff.’ She was part of the kinauukulan o pangasiwaan mentioned earlier.

With an implied permission from her, I whipped out my spare phone and clicked away. I kept my shots to a minimum, though.


The play consisted of several acts and sequence. The writer did a great job interweaving the story of Jose Rizal with modern-day twists and turns. It was waaaay more than what I expected the play to be. From start to finish, my eyes and ear were glued to the stage. The actors (and actresses) in the play were all superb! Although limited in number, they were able to perform their very best in their respective characters. You can feel the deepest of their emotions as they jump from one character to another, with the audience appreciating every single word said. They made good use of the set and props onstage, too. These people from PETA are simply the best! A standing ovation was due. 🙂

A debriefing followed after the curtain call. We were likewise invited to other plays which I wish, will likewise be brought here in Naga. 😉

I went home with my heart all warmed up by the lessons I learned from the play and with the amazement I felt from the characters. Bravo!

Happy, Thank You, More Please!


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