Free Cut Saturday

I knew I was running late for my Planning class but Imaged to drag my feet into the Christ the King Church and mumbled a short prayer. And off I went to the third floor of the Dolan Building where our class was supposed to meet. I was huffing and puffing when I reached the door, and jaraaan! There was no one.

I checked the room number, and I was correct. It was eerily dark but since I tired myself with all the brisk walking from the university gates to the church, up to the our third floor classroom, I slumped into a seat and finalized the folder we were supposed to submit. I arranged it lovingly and carefully. Naks. A for effort. Haha.

My classmates Bhel and Cherl came one after the other. Ma’am Pines also arrived and notice that there were only the three of us. Reid, another classmate, followed. Karlo came in last. Mich from the Center for Local Governance handed us our manual for the other half of the semester. There was a lot of reading to do. Our respective schedules are really cramped for the last and next three months.

We were dismissed early and proceeded to the 2nd floor of the Bunoan Building to meet with Sir Noel. we bought our tickets for a play we were required requested to watch.


After which, Reid accompanied Cherl and I to the library to borrow the books that we needed for our respective subjects. He was gracious enough to lend us his employee ID. I t was one of their perks as employees to borrow books for a certain amount of time. We were naturally delighted. We went up to the second floor and had the pages we needed photocopied. Actually, I had the whole book photocopied since I couldn’t find a copy anywhere. Best of all, I only shelled out Php 47.00 instead of PhP 251 for the book. Yey!

Cherl had to go back home. Reid and I went to SM Bills Payment Center to settle their bill. And we walked around, checked for a possible power bank I could purchase.

Lunch time came and we checked out the food court for some treats. Nothing caught my fancy. Reid suggested Classic Savory. I agreed. I’ve been to Classic Savory twice, at the SM MOA. Yet, I haven’t had the chance to try Naga’s branch. Would there be a difference?

We initially scoured the menu placed on our table but we remembered the E-meals poster they had by the entrance. I asked for the E-mall E-meal menu from the waiter.


We chose E-meal 5 which costs 99 and Reid presented his ‘free buttered chicken’ voucher.


The free chicken depicted in the picture was gigantic. It was nowhere near the real portion served. Our back up buttered chicken looked so much like this:


Photo credit

Hahaha. Beware, beware. But hey! Our so-called ‘back up’ chicken was for free. So, mag-thank you dapat, di ba? ūüôā

We finished our meal in between stories and fell silent towards finishing the last few scraps of food on our plate. We stayed for about an hour more and I listened to Reid’s stories. The room was quite cold and the caramelized iced tea filled up my bladder so it was getting uncomfortable already. We stood up and went to the restrooms.

After re-touching, we went to the food court and found an empty table and tried to solve the take home problem given by our Quantitative Techniques professor.


It was almost 3pm and the noise at the Activity Center was irritatingly loud. I was bent on going home so Reid and I went our way to the restroom again for touch-ups. On the way there, we noticed a familiar figure by the Olay store. It was our classmate Pau purchasing his months dose of facial moisturizer. We went with him to the cashier as he paid for his purchase. All three of us went to the washroom thereafter.

Since bagong sweldo si Pau, we chimed in for a libre. And yes, he treated Reid and I with a McFloat and large fries. Reid took it upon himself to buy the Shake Shake fries which was available again. So merienda was this:


In addition to the food, we had another feast for merienda: people watching. I was cracking up in between bites of the fries and sips of the McFloat. I’ll skip telling you that part. ;p

After digging into the mountain full of fries, Reid called up Gerlie. We’ve been trying to contact Gerlie all day but her replies were scarce. She must be really busy. As the phone conversation between Reid and Gerlie progressed, it was resolved that we will be dropping by her place. We invited ourselves over to get a taste of he asked goodies she posted on Facebook. She agreed. Haha. As soon as Reid hung up, we got our things and took a tricycle to where Gerlie’s home was.

Gerlie welcomed us to her home. Over our Quantitative Techniques problem and all other things about school and life itself, we got to taste these sweet treat:


And coffee, yes.


At around 5pm, we dismissed. Chos ! Gerlie had an event later that night. Reid and Pau were watching Percy Jackson in 3D. And I was headed home.

That Saturday was a welcome break. It had been a full throttle since the semester started. I haven’t had the time to savor every waking minute of my weekends since June. Thankfully, our professors made us enjoy the Saturday free owing to the on-going University Intramurals.

I was able to enjoy some time with my classmates outside of school work. I had the chance to mellow down a bit and giggle, snicker, and laugh to my heart’s content. I made the best out of my cheat weekend, too. Just count the calories of all the food I took in!

I wish we had more of weekends like these. I really wish.
I am grateful that it happened this weekend.

Happy, Thank You, More Please!


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