The Book

Since a child, admittedly, I really didn’t do well in Math.
I’m not saying that I’m very poor in Math.
It’s just that with Math, I am not confident.
While most of my grades in grade school and high school were in the 9’s, Math was always trailing behind with mere 8’s. In college, the rest of my subjects had flat one’s, my Math and other ‘computation’ subjects were in 1.75’s.

I was blessed with helpful classmates in school back then.
I asked them to tutor me in Math and I helped them out in English in return.

This time, I have nobody around to teach me.
And I am panicking. Waaaaah!
That’s why I direly need this book:


I know. It’s so 2000-late considering it was last revised in 1990.
But you see, no matter what year, Math is always always always uso.
So I have to have the book as my guide as I try to solve problems on my own.

It’s really sad that Master Square was burned down to the coals since it’s the only store in Naga which sells the book. With its non-availability in Naga, I tried my luck and surfed the net for the online arms of well-known book sellers in the country.

I started with the publisher of the book, Rex Bookstore.


No such luck. But I tried their online inquiry anyway and hoped for the best.


Next stop, I tried National Bookstore.


I browsed through the suggested books based on the search but, no luck. I was rooting for their available payment online scheme pa naman sana.


I then typed in PowerBooks.


Sadly, the link said that their website was under construction. But they offered their Facebook and Twitter links instead. I opted for the Twitter link. And so I tweeted,

A day later, the #PBInquire admin replied,



Hallelujah! There was hope. So tweeted again.


Getting no immediate reply, I texted my friend Jo who is in Manila right now to help me find the book for me. She said she’ll help me. With that, I tweeted PowerBooks once more,


Until today, the #PBInquire hasn’t posted a reply yet. And Joann said she hasn’t found the book just yet. Now, I’m getting furiously sad. ­čś░

Interestingly, the day @PowerBooks sent me a tweet reply, @NBSAlerts likewise sent me a reply.



Though it said #PBInquire, it was still worth something. With that in my memory and my fingers crossed, I went to National Bookstore SM Naga yesterday and tried the search computer at the Customer Service area. “Out of stock,” it said. Hulu.

Then, a lady approached me at the Customer Service counter and asked what I was looking for. I said ‘this book by Victoriano.’ She typed a few keys and the results showed that there were in fact available copies…yes…at Filinvest, Alabang…no! Waaaaah! I know no one from that area. It’s too far from Jo.

I was really disheartened but I was quick to ask whether they allowed inter-branch transfer of goods/ products/ supplies, etc. She said they did. Bingo! Do you want to avail Ma’am? she asked. Yes, please, I said. She scribbled a few things on a notebook then asked me to write my name and contact number just in case it arrives and is available. For how long will I wait? I asked again. It will be available in three weeks to a month po, she replied. Oh ok. I wrote down my name and number, anyway.

Hay. Quite a long post but with a suspended ending, huh? I could only sigh for now.
But with all the options I have in my hands, I know I will have a copy of that book. One of my options will bring me to my much-coveted book. With the book, I will have that confidence to solve my Math problems.

I will have my happy ending — twice sweeter!
Right dear, Universe?

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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