Sephone’s Little One

I just couldn’t help but gush at one of our puppies.
She still doesn’t have a name appropriate to her character but she’s truly one heck of a fur ball!

I scooped her up one night upon coming home for some stress-busting and boy, did she really busy my stress away.
I was surfing the net through my iPad and I didn’t mind her biting, and gnawing at my tresses.
And suddenly, there was silence.
I slowly lifted my head, and there she was, zoning out in her sleep.
I couldn’t resist taking pictures to capture the very moment.
I had to stifle my laugh lest I awaken her.

asleep, a-snore

asleep, a-snore

And the other day, she was at it again
She was pulling my hair to no end!
This time I caught her in the act.



All the yanking was really painful so I had to put her down my bed.
The thing is, she was able to climb back and played around with my pillows.




Her stamina is really something.
When she was smaller, all she did was sleep beside her mom.
Now that she’s a month older, she really moves and runs about a lot.

What should I name her?
Any suggestions?

Happy, Thank you, More Please!


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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