Our Party and my Migraine

Right after class last Saturday, I attended our class Acquaintance Party at the Almaree Bar.

My head was throbbing like crazy again.
A concert of Toto playing on their flat screens didn’t really help ease the pain but the glass of water offered by the waiter somehow helped.
I did enjoy their really plush pillows for comfort, too.
I just sat there and lay my back flat on the big pillows.
I was almost in a sleep state when my happy-go-lucky classmates, as they label themselves, came in.
So there was laughing and joking around that went on.
We re-touched our faces amid the dark lights in the area, with the comments of ‘asphalt overlay’ and ‘road re-blocking’ underway.
I tried to check my face in the mirror.


Whoa. The darkness didn’t seem to help see the difference. Haha.
Never mind. My classmate said I don’t look like my age at all. Double hahahaha for that ūüėČ
More classmates came in.
Although really famished, we managed to give our best smiles.
Yes, we have name tags.
A short program started the activity.
I led the Invocation with matching migraine.
A tissue relay followed which made my head ache more.
I had to think of adjectives to describe myself based on the number of tissue perforations I got on my hands. I decided to just cut what I had into two for compliance purposes. ūüôā
I described myself as headache/migraine prone based exactly on what I was feeling that moment. And a ‘diesel engine oil,’ because I have to sloooooooowly warm up before I zoom out really fast.
I am Deo or Ivy…
The induction of officers came next after everyone was done describing themselves.
And we’re done.
One more time.
Dinner was served thereafter. My tummy was already growling.
The big plate full of food was delicious! Or was I just really hungry?
I appreciated the huge serving of pork chop, chicken, a mountain of rice, a yema-filled dessert, and the glass of blue lemonade as beverage. (Sorry, I was too busy eating that I forgot to take a picture)

A game relay followed but I was inattentive because I really felt woozy.

I just slumped into the pillows watching the rest of the attendees.
When I couldn’t take it any longer, I asked to be picked up from the venue.
I was sad because I had to leave early just as the party was heating up.
But I knew, anytime, I was gonna throw up. That would be ewwww, not to mention gross.
So yeah, I bid my classmates and our Program Director goodbye and hurriedly ran to the door.
There will be more get-togethers ahead. I just hope my neurons wouldn’t be so bad by then.
It was really unfortunate that my migraine hit on the very day I was supposed to party the night away.
I am grateful though that, with the Acquaintance Party, I was able to spend time with my classmates on a non-academic activity.
Happy, Thank You, More Please!

Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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