Replacing my Toffee

You remember my post about me buying (at long last) my first mineral foundation?
I didn’t write a follow up post after that since upon arriving home and putting it all over my face, I looked so dark! Hahaha. Not just morena but very, very dark.

I was sad and at the same time angry at myself. I was angry for having chosen a color which was tad dark for my face. I argued with myself though that when I was at the store, I made a face swatch between Caramel and Toffee. And Toffee appeared quite good not to mention it was especially labeled for morenas.

I felt sad because because who would use the product now? To shell out an amount of money for something you won’t be able to use is a real waste. I went back to their store to try if I could have the product returned and exchanged with a Caramel tone, even with just the refill one, I pleaded. But the staff said no, they couldn’t do so. I could only sigh in disbelief with the turn of events. My excitement over using the product and proving the reviews correct were now futile.
But then I went over their site and read some reviews where the Editor repeatedly stressed that products could be returned to them and be replaced with a product which best suits the client. I saw the same statement over and over in the review. That statement said over and over gave me hope. That was my flicker of hope which drove me to exhaust other possible remedies available to me. 
In administrative proceedings, there is this principle we call “prior exhaustion of administrative remedies.” Though my present situation is not one, on all fours, which may be subject of case, I modified and applied the principle to a certain extent. And, what do you know? It bore fruit!¬†
It started with me staring blankly at the web page of Human Heart Nature. The woman at the upper right hand corner of the page, just beside the picture of the Megalogue, caught my attention.
Got questions? We’re online (Live Chat)

I clicked on it and was led to another window

I clicked the “Read FAQ” button. It opened another window. I readily skimmed through the questions.
and found this relevant:
¬†I knew I found an answer to my question already. But I wanted to do more than just that. Besides, the staff said they couldn’t right? So I had to confirm who was telling the truth: the staff or the FAQ page. With this in mind, I closed the FAQ window and hovered to the second window that opened and clicked “Go to Help Live.” I was transported to another window (Yeah, I know. So many windows, right?) and asked to fill out this form:

I filled it out, hovered the pointer to the Return and Exchange (Online) topic and entered to Start Chat.

A chat ensued between me and Belle, Human Heart Nature’s online customer service representative. She was very gracious. However, my iPad went kind of kaput and her replies to my questions weren’t showing. So I had to leave chat, open my laptop and undergo the same log in process all over again. Thankfully, Belle was still on stand by.

I related¬† to her the facts of my case: That about two weeks ago, I bought Toffee, and that a week later I wanted to have it returned and exchanged for a Caramel one. And that the staff said, they couldn’t. And so I tried this rather direct way of talking to the Human Heart Nature Headquarters to confirm my point. After a few more exchanges, I heard the best news of all: I can have my Toffee replaced. Yipee! ūüôā

She asked for my contact details and yes, she will proceed with contacting the branch regarding my predicament right after our chat. Here’s a snapshot of the tail of our conversation:

Yehey! I was gonna have my Toffee replaced. I’m just gonna have to wait for THE call. ūüôā
Thank you, Belle. Thank you, Human Heart Nature. Best Customer Service Support, ever!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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