Something Lit Up My Day

Today was a rather rainy and gloomy Tuesday.

But something came in the mail that instantly lit up my day.
Can you guess what it is?
Wait, I’ll open it for you. Jaraaaaaan!
It’s the Willow Jewelry I won from Tina Tagle’s blog raffle. Wuhoo!!
More pics for your viewing pleasure. 🙂
In the middle of drafting and finalizing three reports due this weekend, this pretty little thing certainly brightened my Tuesday. 🙂
Do you also want one like this?
Visit Tina Tagle’s blog at and click on the Willow Jewelry tab.
There are so many fabulous designs to choose from. :))
Thank you, Tina. Thank you very much.
Thank you to your daughter, Claudia, for picking my name
And to everyone in your Willow Jewelry Team.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Happy, Thank You, More Please!

Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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