App for Grabs

Happy news as reported by Rappler’s Instagram account:

Upon receiving the happy news, I tapped on the App Store icon and yes, the news was indeed, true!
These are the apps that are up for grabs for a limited time only:
Since they are for free, I took the opportunity and availed of two apps I could use.
I love journaling. I’ve been trying to document myself since I was a child. And now that the online world is much more interesting and so ‘in,’ this app fits the bill perfectly!
I’m gonna have to try to do in on a regular basis.
With this app, I could unleash my creativity. Hopefully. Apart from the good old Picollage, Instaframe and other apps that I already have such as Travelgram, InstaWeather and InstaPlace, I added Over to my ‘entertainment’ group.¬†And it is sooooo fun! I might use it often
Now what are you waiting for?
Avail of these apps for free.
We don’t know when ‘for a limited time only’ will last. Hahaha.

Happy, Thank You, More Please!

Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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